Members - Budget Committee for the Ohlone Community College District

See Composition of the Budget Committee.

(Updated April 4, 2017.)

Chair (2)

  • Jim Andrews
  • Farhad Sabit

Faculty (2)

Appointed by Faculty Senate; approved by President.

  • Xisheng Fang
  • Long Nguyen

Student (1)

Appointed by Associated Students of Ohlone; approved by President.

  • Ajmal Mundu

Classified Staff (2)

Appointed one each by CSEA and SEIU; approved by President.

  • CSEA: Donna Payne
  • SEIU: James Keogh

Administration (3)

Two appointed by the President from the Deans, Directors, and Administrative Staff ("DDAS") membership (one Managers and one from Confidentials), and the Director of Business Services:

  • Dean: Bob Bradshaw
  • Confidential: (Vacant)
  • Vice President: Susan Yeager
  • Executive Director of Business Services: Farhad Sabit