Exploring Career and Major Information - Career Services

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Career Services Center is Closed

Due to budget cuts from the state, the Career Services Center is closed until further notice.

Please continue to use the information on this website as resources. Consider visiting the Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Center located at the Ohlone College Newark Center.

If you are not located in the Tri-Cities area, consider visiting your local One-Stop Career Center for employment, training, and business development assistance.

  1. Explore career and major information at Career Services in the third floor lobby of Building 7, Fremont campus
    • Career reference books on occupational information
    • Information on specific careers / majors
    • Online Career Resources

  2. EUREKA:
    Visit Career Services in the third floor lobby of Building 7, Fremont campus
    • Create an account with EUREKA (see Career Services staff for information)
    • Complete the self assessments to identify your interest areas and matching occupations
    • Explore career information in your interest areas
    • Explore educational programs and career information in your interest areas

  3. ASSIST (http://www.assist.org/)
    • Select “Exploring Major”
    • Browse the major list on the drop down menu
    • Select the major and discipline of studies that you are interested in

  4. Visit the following websites for Major information “What Can I do with a Major In…?”
  5. Explore all colleges and universities in California for detailed description of majors

  6. Review the listing of California Community College programs

  7. Visit the Tri-Cities One-Stop Career Center, Newark
  8. Meet with a counselor.
    Schedule an appointment with a counselor at the Counseling Department