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Archer announces retirement from Ohlone board … again

By Wes Bowers.

Thursday, March 1, 2007—Reprinted from Fremont Bulletin.

Dan Archer.Dan Archer.

Ohlone College board trustee Dan Archer announced his retirement late last week, and this time he meant it.

Archer, 88, appeared at his final Ohlone College Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday night, after 27 years of service.

First elected to the board in December 1979, Archer is a retired administrator and teacher from the Newark Unified School District. His term expires in 2008. His colleagues are expected to appoint a replacement.

Archer first announced a plan for retirement last February, and planned to step down in May.

But, when it was determined that the board intended to hold a special election last November, Archer didn't like the idea of the remaining six board members appointing someone to fill the seat, only to elect a new member after just six months.

Archer then planned to remain on the board until last November, when the board could hold a special election.

However state law would not allow that, stating the board would need to call for a special election by June. Additionally, Archer would have been limited to serving no more than 60 days after filing resignation papers.

At Wednesday's Board of Trustees meeting, Archer told his fellow board members and many meeting attendees that he cherished the time they worked together.

"The affiliations I've had with so many of you through the years has just been outstanding," he said. "I want to thank you all. It couldn't be more heartfelt than that."

Richard Keller, former Ohlone College trustee, said Archer was truly dedicated to the school.

"I cannot think of any person I have known who had a higher commitment to this college, or to education in general," he said. "If anyone had an unkind word for the college, Dan was the first one to stand up and tell them they didn't know what they were talking about."

Ohlone College Vice President of Academics Jim Wright said Archer was always visiting the campus outside of board meetings, and wanted the new campus rising in Newark to be "a real gem."

"He's concerned about Ohlone," Wright said. "He's not too concerned about Dan Archer. He's concerned about the college and its students."

Archer received resolutions from Assemblyman Alberto Torrico and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, recognizing his more than 25 years of public service.

After Ohlone President Doug Treadway read a resolution recognizing the board's acceptance of Archer's retirement, the long-serving trustee received a standing ovation.

"This is just a great institution," Archer concluded Wednesday. "This was with real reluctance."

Archer was honored by the League for California Community Colleges in November 2005 for passing the quarter century mark of distinguished service as a college trustee.

He has four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.

He served in the U.S. Marine Corps in World War II, South Pacific area. His late wife of 55 years, Marie, a well-known Bay Area artist, inspired him to support the arts.

They attended one year together at the University of Florence in Italy. Archer is past president of the Fremont Art Association and Society of Western Artists and also served on the Fremont Library Commission.

He was a founding member of the Ohlone College Foundation, served on the Fremont Symphony board, and has logged more than 2,500 hours volunteering at Washington Hospital.

His television program "Dan Archer Profiles" has run for many years featuring prominent leaders in the community.

Archer said he believes the college is in good shape, and is confident about its administration, staff and trustees.

He said he plans to remain involved with Ohlone if anyone needs his assistance, even though he has other plans and interests to pursue.

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