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Ohlone president plans retirement

By Wes Bowers.

Thursday, September 13, 2007—Reprinted from Fremont Bulletin.

Ohlone College President Doug Treadway.

Ohlone Community College President Douglas Treadway announced at Wednesday's Board of Trustees meeting that he will retire from his post, effective [June] 30[, 2008].

The announcement comes two weeks after Treadway's fifth State of the College address, where he said the institution was in good fiscal shape.

Treadway, 62, said that his retirement will coincide with the completion of service on his current contract with the college district.

"It's been an honor to serve the district and I'm pleased we've been working together on everything we've achieved," he said.

Treadway did not say much about what he'll do next, except that he plans to engage in various post-retirement activities.

"I'm not seeking an extension of my contract, and I'm glad to finish the one I have with you," Treadway told trustees.

Although some Ohlone employees urged Treadway to stay on board at least one more year, college officials say they will soon begin exploring various search options to find Treadway's successor.

Treadway's resignation comes at a busy time for Ohlone College.

Jim Wright, Ohlone's vice president of business, explained the board has many other activities and projects on its plate for the academic year, such as leasing the school's frontage property and overseeing construction of a new parking structure.

And Wright added the board may not have the full attention needed to conduct a thorough search for a new president.

"The last time we searched, the entire college community was able to focus on the search," he said. "There was a lot of involvement and governance, and that's why we ended up with a great president."

Wright added, however, that he understood Treadway could retire if he wanted to, but he also indicated to trustees of the likely strain a superintendent search would place on the college this year.

"If we have to go through the process, we'll do it," Wright said.

Others asked Treadway to stay because he had been involved in improving the college, and they did not want him to leave so soon.

"It's with great regret that we get this news," said Dennis Keller, Ohlone's choral and vocal instructor. "We experienced a renaissance after Dr. Treadway came here. There was a morale shift, a sense of community, a sense of unity. This is my 22nd year here and I've never seen the campus the way it is now."

Student Trustee Ken Steadman said he had several students approach him in recent days, asking if he could persuade Treadway to stay.

"I noticed great progress since Dr. Treadway came here," he said. "I attended Ohlone before he was here, and I attended afterward, and now I love this school."

Board President Nick Nardolillo told those attempting to persuade Treadway to stay that while it was sad to see him go, he, like anybody else, deserved a retirement.

"The board is very aware of where it was before Doug came in and where it is now," he said. "We all know Doug did a good job, but now we have to have a good team in place to make sure the search process goes as smoothly as it can."

Treadway assumed the duties as Ohlone's president on July 1, 2003.

Prior to this position he served nine years as president/superintendent of Shasta College in Redding, Calif.

Treadway had also served as chancellor of the North Dakota University System, president of Southwest Minnesota State University and president of Western Montana State College.

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