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Ohlone College plans to fix baseball field

By Wes Bowers.

Thursday, October 18, 2007—Reprinted from Fremont Bulletin.

Ohlone College athletic field.

Ohlone Community College will consider repairing its baseball field this year, after it receives a report from a consulting firm regarding how much can be done with $100,000.

Mike Calegari, Ohlone's vice president of administrative services, told the Ohlone Board of Trustees Oct. 10 that an inspector from Torrance, Calif.-based Keenan & Associates examined the field Sept. 28.

The inspection came just two days after a trustees meeting on Sept. 26. The field, which has been in disrepair for some time, was immediately closed after that meeting, according to Calegari.

"An inspector came to the field, and found it very wet," he said. "He asked maintenance staff not to water the field for the next several days so he could see it in a drier condition, and he would return the following Monday.

"He came back on Oct. 1, and still found the field very wet in some spots, primarily in the outfield," Calegari added.

He said the inspector assessed that the infield was in good shape, while the outfield continued to remain wet in several spots. Additionally, several ground squirrel holes were found on the field's warning track.

"His exact quote to me was that he had seen worse fields in his career," Calegari said. "He didn't think the conditions he found warranted a permanent closure. He felt some maintenance could be performed to bring it up to a more playable condition."

Calegari said he was waiting for a written report with findings and necessities for the field.

While the field remains closed until he receives that report, Calegari said the baseball team is using the baseball field at Milpitas High School.

In the meantime, Calegari said the school is considering spending $100,000 to make the necessary field repairs. He added those monies had been set aside from the capital improvement fund.

"We want to retain a consultant, which will probably cost $4,000 to $5,000," he said. "Then we'll get an assessment of what $100,000 can buy us, and decide how to proceed before we do anything."

Chris Warden, Ohlone's athletic director, said the baseball team's current plan is to follow the stadium master plan, which places a new baseball field where the football field once was, below the campus tennis courts and above the soccer field.

Warden said he and the team would like the new field to be built at the Newark campus.

"It fits us better," he said. "It's a better position for us. It's an ideal situation for California community colleges. It's a recruiting agent. It would just be a great facility for us."

To that end, Ohlone President Douglas Treadway said a next step would be to take a survey of the Newark property to see how valuable the land is, and to see if a field there is viable.

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