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Ohlone trustees approve budget

By Web Bowers, MediaNews Staff.

Thursday, October 25, 2007—Reprinted from Inside Bay Area.

Fremont—Ohlone College's board of trustees has unanimously approved the school's nearly $45 million 2007-08 fiscal year budget.

Joanne Schultz, director of Ohlone business services, said final budget revenue for the 2007-08 year is expected to be $44,982,329. However, district expenditures are forecast at

$43,475,730, giving the college a surplus of $1,509,599.

Expected expenditures include $402,500 to fund salaries at the college's Newark campus. Operating expenses at the Newark campus are estimated at $138,000.

To obtain the $1.5 million surplus, the staff recommended salary savings of $400,000, benefit savings of

$259,500, supplies savings of $63,000, and operations savings of $200,000. In addition, utilities costs are expected to be reduced by $300,000, capital lease costs cut about $200,000, and capital planning by $100,000.

Had the budget cuts not been made, the district would have been $15,900 in the red.

"All the activity is in reserves," Schultz said. "We've added $200,000 to the 'rainy day fund' to make it $1 million."

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