Being Green: High Praise, Blue Jeans, Solar and more - Ohlone College Newark Center for Health Sciences and Technology in the News

Radio news reports by KGO Radio News reporter Greg Edmonds, January 31, 2008.

Transcript of Clip 1

John Garamendi: You have set the bar right where it ought to be!

Reporter: California Lieutenant Governor John Garamendi offers high praise for the new health sciences and technology building on the Ohlone College campus in Newark. During today's dedication ceremony, visitors got to see and learn how beauty is coupled with a new brand of eco-friendly material.

Ellen Corbett: We're so proud about the blue jeans in the walls and [laugh] everything else.

Reporter: You heard right, State Senator Ellen Corbett commented on the used blue jeans being used as insulation in the walls. Newark Mayor Dave Smith tells us about some of the other devices.

Dave Smith: Our solar array on the roof which is the largest solar array in the Silicon Valley.

Reporter: This is considered to be a super green building and there are only 50 others like it - in the world. I'm Greg Edmonds, KGO Radio News.

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Transcript of Clip 2

Reporter: This new science building meets the qualifications of a platinum green structure of which there are only 50 in the world.

Dave Smith: The furniture itself too is quite unique because some of it is up to 99% recyclable.

Reporter: Newark Mayor David Smith was involved with Ohlone College officials in the design and planning of this new science building. Above sits the largest solar array in the Silicon Valley and under ground…

Dave Smith: We have a geothermal element 26 miles of coils buried 12 feet deep into the ground that assists us through a series of heat pumps with our heating and cooling system.

Reporter: And this building is dressed in blue jeans.

Dave Smith: All the insulation in the walls is made of ground up denim that I call forever in blue jeans.

Reporter: I'm Greg Edmonds, KGO Radio News.

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[Transcribed by Cheryl Lambert, Web Designer, Ohlone College.]

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