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Semi-pro league can't bankroll whole stadium

By Wes Bowers.

Friday, April 18, 2008—Reprinted from Fremont Bulletin.

If a new baseball stadium is to be built for both Ohlone Community College and the Golden Baseball League, the college will likely have to pay for half of it, school officials announced last week.

Ron Travenick, Ohlone's vice president of student services, told the college's Board of Trustees April 9 that the semi-professional baseball league will pay for half of the facility, proposed at the school's Newark campus.

"The Golden Baseball League won't be able to fund the entire cost of building such a site in Newark," Travenick said. "But they are still interested in entering into a partnership with Ohlone."

The Board of Trustees signed a letter of intent on Nov. 14 to negotiate a lease contract with the Dublin-based baseball league to partner in the construction of the new baseball field.

According to the contract, Golden Baseball League would build the stadium up to its standards for joint use of the facility, which will include 1,500 seats, along with lights, improved concessions and restrooms, and other amenities agreed upon by both entities.

Ohlone, according to the contract, would accept the development agreement in lieu of rent for at least 30 years.

Additionally, all revenue generated from the facility would go to the league.

The contract also stated the league will be the master leaseholder for the facility and play between 45 and 60 games each summer.

Travenick claimed the cost to build a stadium of that size could be as much as $8 million, and Golden Baseball League is looking to spend only $5 million.

He added the cost not only includes the stadium and amenities, but infrastructure and parking as well.

"What that means is that we're going to have to quickly look at if we can be a partner, and if we can find the funds to throw into this," Travenick said.

David Kaval, Golden Baseball League's chief executive officer, could not be reached for comment.

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