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Ohlone College opens training center in China

By Milpitas Post Staff.

Thursday, May 8, 2008—Reprinted from Fremont Bulletin.

(From right): President of the Ohlone College Board of Trustees, Garrett Yee; President of Ohlone College, Dr. Doug Treadway; Headmaster of SIP Industrial Technology School, Naiguo Wang; and Fremont City Council member Robert Wieckowski hold the Ohlone College Suzhou Center plaque.

Ohlone Community College announced Monday the opening of its International Educational Exchange and Training Center in the Science and Industry Park in Suzhou in the Jiangsu Province of China.

The Ohlone College IETC is located on the campus of the Industrial Technology School of Suzhou Industrial Park.

A formal ceremony was held April 30 to open the IETC office. In attendance were Ohlone College Board of Trustees President Garrett Yee, Ohlone College President Douglas Treadway, and SIP Industrial Technology School Headmaster Naiguo Wang.

Also participating in the ceremony were city officials including Fremont City Councilman Bob Wieckowski, Deputy City Manager Melissa Dile and Vice Chairman of Suzhou Industrial Park Administration Committee Yanyan Sun.

The Ohlone College IETC in Suzhou, China is the first community college center in the rising new science and industry park.

Ohlone College has received a U.S. Department of Education grant to support the development of this international center, which has a companion office on the Newark Campus of Ohlone College.

The IETC will offer English language instruction with an emphasis on business and industry. It will also support student and faculty exchanges. In collaboration with SIP Industrial Technology School, the IETC will provide workforce training to technical staff of United States and other international corporations located in Suzhou.

"This event reflects the culmination of work over the past four years under the leadership of Dr. Treadway to expand our international studies program at Ohlone College," Yee said. "We have had the good fortune to develop excellent partnerships in China that ultimately improve the overall quality of education for students in both the U.S. and China."

It is anticipated that a delegation from Suzhou will visit Ohlone College in mid-June for a similar ceremony at their offices in the new Ohlone College Newark Center for Health Sciences and Technology.

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