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Ohlone and Chabot cut back on summer classes

By Matthew Artz, Oakland Tribune.

Friday, April 15, 2011—Reprinted from Inside Bay Area.

Fremont—Ohlone and Chabot colleges are cutting back on summer classes in anticipation of another round of state budget cuts.

Ohlone will reduce summer offerings by about 50 percent, while Chabot is instituting a 41 percent reduction.

More class reductions are slated for this fall, with Ohlone anticipating a 5 percent cut and Chabot forecasting a 9 percent reduction.

Both schools cut summer offerings as it became evident that proposed tax extensions would not be on the June state ballot.

The state, which funds community colleges and sets their fees, has been lowering enrollment caps at colleges for the past three years.

With colleges not able to enroll as many students, they have cut back disproportionately on summer classes to focus on fall and spring semesters when most students are enrolled.

At Ohlone, summer classes account for only 6 percent of all classes throughout the year, President Gari Browning said. The school scaled back summer courses by 22 percent in 2009 and by 54 percent last year, she said.

During the coming year, Ohlone anticipates having to cut about 12 percent of its 2,400 course offerings, depending on the final state budget.

Ohlone is working to preserve classes required for students transferring to four-year schools or completing technical degrees, such as nursing, Browning said.

The school hasn't received many complaints from students about not getting the classes they want, although the number of those complaints is increasing, Browning said. The college has no plans to eliminate any programs or services.

Ohlone is cutting mainly general education and physical education classes this summer. All summer classes this year will be held at the Newark campus while maintenance work is done at the Fremont campus, she said.

Because of the state lowering its student enrollment cap, Ohlone has had to reduce full-time equivalent students by about 7 percent over the last three years, Browning said. The current budget situation would require an additional 12 percent reduction for 2011-12.

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