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Ohlone College kicks off 'movie sing-along'

ByAnnie Yu.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012—Reprinted from Tri-City Voice.

Singin' in the Rain - Gene Kelly dancing and singing in the rain.With the sun still shining, people headed to the Smith Center outdoor amphitheatre for the first movie musical sing-along of the summer - Singin' in the Rain. The atmosphere was relaxed as families, couples and friends bought popcorn and pretzels from the snack stand and settled into their seats.

The 1952 American comedy provided a flashback in time, portraying silent movie stars struggling to adapt to filming a 'talkie'. It revived another movie era of tap dancing, old-fashioned haircuts and dress. The audience laughed at hilarious scenes and sang their hearts out to songs accompanied by on-screen lyrics. A romantic love scene between Don Lockwood and Kathy Selden was perfectly set-up by faint washes of orange from the setting sun.

Singin' in the Rain film on a large movie screen at the outdoor amphitheatre at Smith Center, Ohlone College.Perhaps it was the fact that I was cozy under my blanket, but it felt somewhat warm and family-like to be sitting under the stars and singing to an old movie with other people from the community. It was a very entertaining and pleasant way to spend a Friday night.

Ohlone College will be hosting more movie musical sing-alongs this summer including The Lion King, The Muppets in July and The Sound of Music and The Rocky Horror Picture Show in August. Next will be a Disney favorite, The Lion King, Friday, July 13. The cushioned seats fill up fast, so you may want to get there a little early to avoid sitting on benches; a pillow or cushion helps. And bring a blanket; it will get chilly.

  • The Lion King
    July 13
  • The Muppets
    July 20
  • The Sound of Music
    August 24
  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show
    August 31
  • 8:30 p.m.
  • Ohlone College - Smith Center outdoor amphitheatre
    43600 Mission Blvd., Fremont
  • (510) 659-6031
  • $5 entrance, $2 parking

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