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Wednesday, May 29, 2013—Reprinted from Mercury News: Milpitas Post.

By Milpitas Post Staff.

Ninety-one students will be awarded $111,950 in scholarships by the Ohlone College Foundation this year. These students were honored at the 2013 Scholarship/Donor Reception at the Ohlone College Newark Center on Wednesday. The event not only recognized the scholarship winners but also provided an opportunity for the recipients to meet and thank their scholarship donors.

Among the many standout students recognized at the event, 16 were selected to receive the first-ever Ohlone Promise scholarships. The Ohlone Promise is a new scholarship program developed by the foundation for graduating high school seniors who plan to attend Ohlone College in the fall. Students were eligible to apply if they attended one of the 10 high schools within the Ohlone Community College District. The Ohlone Promise is a four-semester, full-ride scholarship totaling $3,600, which covers college tuition, books and related fees for two full years at Ohlone College awarded to 16 applicants.

More than 42 high school students applied for the Ohlone Promise scholarship, many with significant achievements, compelling stories, but all with a true interest in attending Ohlone College. The students selected are student-athletes, club leaders and volunteers in local communities. Three recipients are first-generation college attendees.

The 2013 Ohlone Promise recipients are Saglyot Bring, Zhanglin Lui, Cammie Kajioka, Simran Virdi, Nargess Anwar, Benjamin Cecere, Kanika Behari, Tram Anh Phun, Pyae Maung, Natalie McCluskey, Kyle Marron, Sarah Grace Pangilinan, Jessica Villalpando, Ingrid Vargas, Thurnapuf Valle and RaeAnn Garza.

Sponsors who donated money to the scholarship programs had an opportunity to meet the students. Local resident Janice Futch-Claridge is one such donor, who sponsored two Ohlone Promise scholars. Four other Ohlone Promise scholarships were sponsored by Cargill.

Scholarships are made accessible to a diverse group of applicants from outstanding students in academic disciplines from nursing to art, to those students who have excelled in community service.

The Ohlone College Foundation raises funds to support an array of education programs. In addition to the scholarship program the foundation manages the Alumni and Friends program providing graduates and valued community members an opportunity to stay connected with the college and stay in touch with each other.

The foundation's annual Citizen of the Year Gala is set for June 1. This year the foundation will honor a quarter century of community leaders all past recipients of the Citizen of the Year honor.

For more information about the Ohlone College Foundation and scholarship opportunities, visit ohlonefoundation.org.

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