Yelp Review: Jesus Christ Superstar at Ohlone College Gary Soren Smith Center - Article, Office of College Advancement

Sunday, November 10, 2013—Reprinted from Yelp: Ohlone College Gary Soren Smith Center.

By Dan G., Hayward, CA.

"Jesus Christ Superstar 2033" reimagines Andrew Lloyd Webber's famous rock opera in a post-apocalyptic future pocked with nuclear fallout, dire global warming, and stifling drought. I hate musicals and expected to fall asleep in the opening act. But this show was captivating, exciting, riveting, truly brilliant. Raising multi-media to a new art, Director Michael Navarra blends live rock music, drama, dance, video, and theater craftsmanship to deliver a powerful new interpretation of this classic production. The stage envelopes the audience in front, behind, beside, and above, pulling the audience into the center of the unfolding drama. When the chorus chants "crucify him!", sitting amid the rioters, the shocking sense of raw power that an unruly angry mob exerts makes the heart race. Cliff McCormick (Jesus) deftly blends song, movement, and expression to evoke spontaneous personality, nothing wooden or contrived, an especially difficult task executed expertly. Lighting and sound were also expertly managed, making it easy to spot the action, and hear and understand clearly, technical issues that wither lesser productions. This production will remain one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Truly exceptional.//Dan

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