Ohlone Promise delivers success for high school student - Article, Office of College Advancement

Tuesday, April 8, 2014—Reprinted from Tri-City Voice.

Submitted by Ohlone College.

The Ohlone Promise is a full-ride scholarship that covers all of the costs of tuition, books and fees for two years at Ohlone College. The scholarship is offered to local graduating high school seniors who plan to attend Ohlone College in fall 2014.

RaeAnn Garza.RaeAnn Garza is one of 19 students awarded The Ohlone Promise last year. Now in her second semester, RaeAnn not excels academically, but has proven to be a crucial asset on the Ohlone Renegades softball team. Having played varsity softball all four years in high school, Ohlone's athletic program was a major factor in RaeAnn's decision to attend the College.

"I picked Ohlone because the softball program is outstanding. I had heard about Coach Donna Runyon and all her accomplishments," RaeAnn told us. "Ohlone is also very convenient - I live right in the area," RaeAnn continued. "I felt I needed to go to a two-year college to get the right footing and figure out where I want to go."

When RaeAnn is not on the field, she is busy studying for a degree in psychology. "I want to transfer to Cal State East Bay and eventually get my Master's there as well. I'm not sure about my career yet, but now is the time to find out!"

The scholarship has helped RaeAnn and numerous other students by relieving them of financial burdens. "It's a huge stress off my chest! It's one less thing to worry about," RaeAnn asserted. College expenses for two years at Ohlone can run over $3,600. The Ohlone Promise scholarship covers all of these expenses so students can focus on their academic career.

The Promise provides more than a cash benefit to the students. Each Promise scholar meets with counselors who help the student monitor their academic progress and keep them on track to meet their education goals.

"The Ohlone Promise is a great opportunity for high school seniors residing in the Ohlone College District to attend college," said Dr. Gari Browning, President of Ohlone College. "Ohlone is ranked in the top ten among the 112 community colleges in the state. We know that attending Ohlone will make a difference to those students."

Meanwhile, for RaeAnn, Ohlone is a time of tremendous personal growth. When asked what she has learned as freshmen captain and starting pitcher of her softball team, she told us, "how to communicate with people better. I have to speak in a way to get my point across, get the results I need, but still come across as a nice person. It's also taught me responsibility, having to handle a lot of things for Coach Runyon."

The scholarship program is open to students currently attending high schools in Fremont, Newark and Union City. The current application period closes April 15, 2014 and recipients are notified mid-May.

Find out more information and apply for The Ohlone Promise using Ohlone's convenient online application system at www.ohlonepromise.org, or by calling (510) 659-6020.

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