State of the College Address - Article, Office of College Advancement

Tuesday, February 2, 2016.

By Ohlone College.

Dr. Gari Browning, Ohlone College President and Superintendent.Dr. Gari Browning delivered the Spring 2016 State of the College Address on Friday, January 22, just prior to the beginning of the semester. In her speech she highlighted some of the construction milestones achieved during the previous semester, including the Ribbon Cutting for the opening of the new parking structure at the south side of campus; completion of the demolition project for the Academic Core Building project; the Athletic Fields project; and modifications to the swimming pool. She reviewed the governor‘s budget and its implications for community colleges and ways to increase funding sources that are not reliant on the state legislature. One of Ohlone‘s most successful programs to increase revenues has been to grow our international program.

She discussed the college‘s current status in its strategic planning process and highlighted new programs and activities design to improve student success across all student groups. Featured highlights of the past semester included donations for scholarships and equipment to the Deaf Studies Division totaling almost $20,000; the size of our graduating class, which continues to grow from year to year; and the highly successful Women‘s Soccer program with team and individual player awards, and Coach Larry Heslin being named as Coast Conference Coach of the Year.

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