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Tuesday, March 22, 2016.

By Ohlone College.

The Ohlone College swimming pool refurbishment project is well underway. The pool was closed and drained in December 2015 to begin upgrading the facility. The pool will retain its 50-meter by 25-yard competitive distances, but the refurbishment will ultimaely lower water use by 20%, reduce energy by $25,00 per year, and reduce the use of pool chemicals by 25%.

The scope of work includes replacing the mechanical and electrical systems with newer, more energy- and cost-efficient equipment, such as LED lighting fixtures. And, the bottom of the pool is being raised from a depth of 17 feet at its deepest to a fairly uniform 12 feet overall. Less water means less energy expended for heating, and less chemicals to keep the water a crystal blue. The pool will receive a facelift with new tiles, a new fiberglass shell, and a new deck surrounding the pool.

Ohlone College pool refurbishment project in progress.

This project is part of the Athletic Facilities project with includes baseball, softball and soccer fields as well as improvements to the gym. The estimated completion date is fall 2016. Along with the Academic Core Buildings project, the swimming pool refurbishment project is funded by the Measure G bond approved by voters in 2012.

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