Ohlone Veterans Center Helps Transition to College - Article, Office of College Advancement

Tuesday, April 26, 2016.

By Ohlone College.

The Ohlone College Veterans Resource Center held a ribbon cutting on April 18, 2016 to open new a facility for veterans turned college students. Members of the community, representatives of Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), and campus personnel joined in the celebration.

Veteran students happily watch three Ohlone representatives cut the Grand Opening ribbon with a large pair of scissors.

The resource center is a place where vets can meet and gain support from other vets going through the transition from military to civilian to college life, and develop camaraderie. It provides tools and assistance necessary for student veterans to achieve academic success and to learn about resources available just for vets, as they transition to the classroom environment.

Everyone’s experiences are unique, but many vets have similar issues when it comes to transitioning to college. In the classroom, they are surrounded by people who may be 4 to 8 years younger and who lack both the life experiences or family responsibilities of many vets. These former soldiers, sailors, or airmen no longer have the sense of being part of a team like they had in the military.

Adjusting to an academic environment, reading and writing assignments, or taking tests while seated at a desk is a big change from the active, hands-on learning or simulation-based instruction practiced in the military.

In the Ohlone Veterans Resource Center, surrounded by others who have a common understanding of where they all came from, the vets can regain the sense of unity and purpose that helped them be successful in the military so they will continue to be successful as a civilians going to college.

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