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Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Office of Public Information
Ohlone Community College District

For Immediate Release:

International Expert Discusses the Conflict in the Congo and Future Hope

Bridget Nolan.

Fremont, CA—The conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo began in 1997 and has claimed more than 5.4 million lives. What caused it? What’s fueling it? What is the impact of this conflict on its citizens and the wider world? These questions and many more will be discussed by guest speaker Bridget Nolan, as Ohlone College kicks off the first World Forum of 2010.

Bridget Nolan, an international expert on displaced populations, is a former director at Global Strategies for HIV Prevention working primarily in conflict and post-conflict settings among refugee and other vulnerable populations in Nigeria, Ghana, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

Nolan recently returned from studying French in Paris and is now awaiting security clearance to begin working for the Foreign Service with the US Department of State.


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