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Wednesday, July 14, 2010
Office of Public Information
Ohlone Community College District

For Immediate Release:

Tri-City Community Strongly Supports Ohlone College's Job Training and Bond Needs

Fremont, CA—Sixty-seven percent (67%) of respondents in a survey of voters in the Ohlone College district agreed that they would support an Ohlone College Job Training & Quality Education Local Funding Bond Measure if placed on the ballot this November. In a recently commissioned survey conducted in June by the respected opinion research firm of FM3 Research, a potential bond measure garnered support from 67% of voters in the Tri-City community that responded in the survey. These results represent a significant increase in support from a preliminary opinion surveys conducted last year and is well over the 55% threshold needed for a bond measure to pass.

“I’m extremely gratified by the strong support in our community for access to affordable education during the toughest economic conditions ever faced by this generation,” said Dr. Gari Browning, Ohlone College President. “Our community understands the need for Ohlone to continue to provide affordable education, job training, and re-training during these difficult economic times. With events like the closing of NUMMI, our community needs Ohlone College more than ever. We are committed to making the necessary and essential upgrades to our campus to continue meeting student and community needs.”

The survey found that a whopping 88% of respondents agreed with the statement “Ohlone College provides an affordable education for students preparing to transfer to UC and other state university systems.”

Survey respondents placed high priorities on the need to improve campus safety, disabled access, and technology in a proposed bond measure. Respondents expressed strong support for addressing necessary safety issues such as improving earthquake safety, and installing additional fire safety equipment and ventilation systems. Respondents also considered acquiring up-to-date technology for classrooms and improving access for the disabled as high-priority projects.

“Our community clearly understands the needs of Ohlone’s Fremont campus, much of which is close to 40 years old,” Dr. Browning said. “A local bond measure will address current and future demand for affordable, accessible quality education by increasing Ohlone’s enrollment capacity by 25% over the next 15 years. Due to the increased demands for Ohlone College’s affordable classes, hundreds of students have been turned away recently, as classes are overflowing. At the same time, budget cuts have forced a 50% reduction in the number of summer school classes.”

At its July 14 meeting the Ohlone College Board of Trustees will review the final results of the community survey and consider placing a local bond measure on the November 2010 ballot to address these community needs.

For more information, please contact: Patrice Birkedahl, Public Information Officer, 510-659-6208 or by email: pbirkedahl@ohlone.edu.

For questions regarding survey methodology, contact Curt Below with FM3 Research at 510-451-9521


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