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Are you an Ohlone faculty or staff member exhibiting information at a trade show, open house, or conference about your department, program, or the College in general? Are you giving a presentation offsite about Ohlone? Provide your audience with an Ohlone College promotional giveaway that you leave behind to remind them about you and your message.

Giveaways are free promotional items that reinforce the Ohlone College name and brand, create a positive feeling for the recipient, and help people remember Ohlone’s name and benefit after the conference/speech/event is over.

Please contact College Advancement to learn what is available.

Signs Available for Loan

Spread the word about your event, dress up your display, or grab attention using our rentable Ohlone College promotional tools. The Office of College Advancement offers a collection of items and event tools available on loan to Ohlone College faculty, staff, and for student events.

Examples of items that can be loaned. Flying Teardrop Banner Prize Wheel Logo Signs A-Frames Table Drape

Request Giveaways or Signs for Loan

Lead time recommended:

  • Borrowed items: 2-3 weeks
  • Giveaways: 2 business days

For giveaways or to reserve items available for loan, please complete and submit the Request Form for Giveaways or Signs Available for Loan.


For questions about giveaways or signs available for loan, please contact:

Gosia Asher
Marketing Lead
Office of College Advancement
(510) 659-6206
Building 27, Fremont campus