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Friday, October 28, 2005
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

For Immediate Release:

Ohlone College President leads Recruiting Team to China

Fremont, CA – Dr. Doug Treadway, President of Ohlone College, has just returned from a two-week trip to China that included stops at educational institutions in Hong Kong, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Taizhou. Treadway and others from the college met with university officials in all three areas to discuss China’s need to educate their students and the issues involved in sending students overseas to study.

One of Ohlone’s goals is to increase opportunities for international education for our students by engaging in exchange programs with foreign universities. Ohlone has made considerable inroads in creating sister college relationships between Ohlone and Taizhou University in China. The Fremont/Newark College has also formed a partnership with Alliant University to create a baccalaureate program at Ohlone that would allow Ohlone students to complete their bachelor’s degrees at Ohlone. Alliant has a campus in Mexico and connections in Africa that should provide additional study abroad opportunities for Ohlone students. Ohlone will also participate in a program being developed in China with CSU East Bay to offer business courses in Shanghai, collaborating with Alliant to develop another sister college relationship.

However, exchange programs are sometimes plagued with problems. Educators in China find two main difficulties in getting visas for students to come to the United States: TOEFL scores, the test that assesses foreign students ability to use English, and the ability to attend a two-year school rather than a four-year school. Chinese students who wish to attend a community college to improve their English later transfer to a university find their applications repeatedly refused by U.S. immigration authorities.

Treadway hopes that Ohlone can overcome these difficulties for international students by offering the full baccalaureate degree through the Alliant partnership and by expanding ESL training that allows foreign students to come to the U.S. specifically to develop English skills.


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