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Friday, September 1, 2006
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

For Immediate Release:

Fall Enrollment Numbers at Ohlone

Fremont, CA—Classes began at Ohlone College on Monday, August 28 for our newly implemented 16-week long semester. On the first day of school, full time equivalent student enrollment (FTES) was up by 7.2% over Fall 2005. By Thursday, August 31 (FTES) was 3285 or up 10.6% compared to the previous fall. FTES is the number used to determine budget allocations from the state. This number differs from unduplicated headcount, the total number of individuals registered at Ohlone, taking at least one class. Our unduplicated head count is 9287 or 3.53% higher than last year.

If these figures remain solid through next week Ohlone is quickly approaching a level of having our largest fall term enrollment ever. Along with many other community colleges around the state, Ohlone saw a drop in enrollment two years ago that coincided with state mandated increase in tuition from students. Ohlone has worked hard to bring that number back to the level of Fall 2003 to encourage students in the area to continue to pursue their academic goals.

An increase in the amount of financial aid awards has helped to offset the financial burden experienced by many students when tuition was increased by the state. California Board of Governors awards increased by 11%, Pell Grant awards increased by 6% and Cal Grant awards increased by an amazing 21%. In addition, the state has passed a drop in tuition beginning Spring 2007 that lowers the fees by more than 20%, from $26 per unit to $20 per unit.


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