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Monday, January 29, 2007
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

For Immediate Release:

Ohlone College Enrollment Up 7% Over Spring Semester Last Year

Fremont, CA—Enthusiasm for higher education is growing in the Tri-city area. With the opening of the Newark Campus still 12 months away, Ohlone College programs are showing remarkable growth. Full time student enrollment is up 7.4% on the first day of the Spring semester compared with last year at the same time. This past December, Community College Week named Ohlone the second fastest-growing community college in California for Fall 2005, with a 13.8% increase over the previous Fall (with over 10,000 students enrolled).

The decrease in the state-mandated student fees to $20 per unit is helping to drive growth at all state community colleges. However, Ohlone has placed a focus on meeting student needs through scheduling, improved technology, teaching that emphasizes student learning outcomes, and quality programs designed to develop today’s students into tomorrow’s workforce. These improved services seem to have additional appeal to students in the region.

Ohlone changed its class schedule to run for only 16 weeks, like many universities and four-year schools, rather than the traditional 18 weeks. Students receive the same number of hours of instruction, but take two weeks less to complete their courses. New learning technology is being installed in classrooms, in consultation with Stanford’s Center for Innovations in Learning, to enhance student participation in the learning process.

Research-based teaching methodologies are being implemented by faculty, such as “Learning Communities” to increase student involvement by grouping a series of classes together around a central theme and building assignments to meet more than one course requirement. For instance, a learning community designed around English and History might have a history paper serve as an English assignment so students learn fundamentals of writing a good research paper while gathering the information on history at the same time.

Ohlone’s transfer to university rate is one of the highest in the state. The transfer center and counselors who work with students on transferring make sure our students are well-prepared for admission to four year schools and ensure our students many opportunities to network with admissions counselors at the student’s school of choice.

Vocational programs, such as Biotechnology, Health Sciences, Broadcasting, and Real Estate, maintain regular contacts with industry professionals to guide the development of the curriculum, offer students a chance to get real world experience as part of their study, and help them find jobs.

For the story from Community College Week about Ohlone’s enrollment, please use the link to their December 4, 2006 edition, page 9.

For additional information about Ohlone’s enrollment, please contact the Office of College Advancement at 510-659-6206.


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