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Monday, October 1, 2007
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

For Immediate Release:

Teresa Walters: A Rare Phenomenon

Fremont, CA—"Teresa Walters is that rare musical phenomenon - a pianist born to the instrument," praises Austrian National Television. This Saturday, Walters takes the stage in the Smith Center at Ohlone College to thrill audiences with the depth and breadth of her musical skill. An expert in the works of Franz Liszt, Walters is the only American pianist invited by Hungary to perform in the Anniversary Concert honoring Liszt’s birthday.

Teresa Walters has traveled the world’s stages, thrilling audiences and critics alike. From Brazil to Hong Kong, Walter’s mesmerizing performances have inspired unanimous praise. With her KEYNOTE COMMENTS® she shares enlightening information about the music prior to performing various selections. These comments are both insightful and entertaining and are popular with all audience members, from the musical expert to the novice.

Walters is a musician to remember for her notable performance, prestige, and talent. Join us this Saturday in the Jackson Theatre of the Smith Center for an unforgettable evening.


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