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Friday, October 16, 2009
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

For Immediate Release:

Ohlone College hosts Kim Peek “The Real Rain Man”

Kim Peek (left) with his father, Fran Peek. —Photo courtesy of Kim Peek.

Fremont, CA—A confounding mixture of brilliance and disability that neuroscientists have yet to understand. Kim Peek, the inspiration for the movie Rain Man, and his father come to Ohlone College Friday October 30 at 7pm. Although diagnosed as mentally retarded at birth, Kim Peek has developed a memory that is without equal. Come explore an exciting opportunity to find out what makes the human brain unique as The Ohlone Psychology Club Speaker Series presents Kim Peek “The Real Rain Man”.

Peek is one of a handful of so-called Mega-Savants, celebrated for his remarkable memory. His favorite place is the public library, where he reads as many as eight books a day. “Kim reads the left page [of a book] with his left eye, right page with his right eye and retains about 98% of it,” says Kim’s father, Fran Peek. He has an incredible brain with more than 30 areas of amazing cognitive ability, yet he needs his father’s help with living everyday life. His brain has structural differences that defy explanation, yet may hold insights into how all of our brains store and retrieve information, experience music, and create.

Along with exhibiting displays of extraordinary mental ability, the Peeks preach a message about disability. Fran wants people to learn about accepting people who have differences. “Nobody is ever written off” says Barry Morrow, screenwriter of Rain Man. “[Kim] belies the myth that people with disabilities can’t [achieve amazing growth.]”


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