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Friday, March 26, 2010
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

For Immediate Release:

Silicon Valley StRUT Competition—Student Recycling Used Technology at Ohlone College

Fremont, CA—Ohlone College hosts the Silicon Valley StRUT Competition for 100 students from 12 local high schools, Monday, March 29. StRUT stands for Students Recycling Used Technology—a program that refurbishes and upgrades used computers for use in the schools. The StRUT program at Ohlone has just donated 36 computers, including keyboards and display units, and 10 lab tables to Fremont Unified School District for Horner Junior High School.

StRUT is an education system with three parts:

  1. Students learn technical skills as they refurbish the computers
  2. Computers are placed in schools throughout the state, supplementing their technology budgets
  3. Prevents the computers, and the hazardous waste they generate, from going to landfills

The competition consists of four main areas, Computer Build, which tests problem solving, mechanics and teamwork, Presentation where each team presents their work to the judges after they are built, Troubleshooting, where students must trouble shoot a Packet Tracer ITE scenario, and a Written Exam of 50 multiple choice questions based on A+ certification content. The finale to the competition will be a school versus school Quiz Bowl. The competition takes place between 32 teams and involves over 50 judges, including nearly 18 volunteer judges from Intel Corporation.

The competition coordinator, Richard Grotegut, is a computer science faculty member at Ohlone College and heads the Regional Cisco Network Academy at Ohlone. For more information contact Richard Grotegut at 510-979-7479 or email


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