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Monday, May 3, 2010
Office of College Advancement
Ohlone College

For Immediate Release:

Faculty Senate Rescues Student Awards Ceremony from Cancellation

Fremont, CA—Students at Ohlone College have amazing stories to tell, stories of accomplishment, of overcoming challenges, of exceeding their own expectations, and rising to new heights of accomplishment. The faculty, who work closely with the students know many of these stories and want to recognize the achievements of the students under their tutelage. Feeling that giving out diplomas wasn’t quite enough to celebrate the work of their students, the Ohlone faculty developed a longstanding tradition of honoring their students at the annual Student Awards Ceremony.

Due to budget cuts, the event was almost cancelled this year, but the faculty just would not give up the event. Math professor Rob Smedfjeld went to the Faculty Senate to establish a faculty committee to rescue the event and to preserve the tradition that is so meaningful to faculty and students alike. “The students often show enthusiasm and passion for a subject, thus inspiring other students in their classes. For the faculty, it’s rewarding to see that enthusiasm and acknowledge it,” stated Rob Smedfjeld.

The Student Awards Ceremony takes place on Thursday, May 6, at the Smith Center on the Fremont campus. This year, 42 students will be recognized for their accomplishments in a wide array of subject areas including Accounting, ASL, Biotechnology, Deaf Studies, Engineering, Nursing, Speech, Dance, Theatre and Journalism. In many cases, these students have also been involved in activities outside of the courses themselves such as in student clubs, or working in learning centers to assist other students in different subject areas.

The event begins at 5pm with a reception and light refreshments. The award ceremony, held in the Jackson Theatre in the Smith Center, begins at 6pm.


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