Marketing Services - Office of College Advancement


Lead Time: Three weeks before event (minimum).

College Advancement will assist with designing advertisements for newspaper, print publication, or for broadcast media. Typically the departments or divisions cover the cost of the advertising time or space. Divisions are responsible for providing content and arranging access to facilities or students.

Bus stop ad for Spring Semester at Ohlone.

Print Publications

Lead Time: Six weeks before deadline (minimum).

Our office will assist divisions and departments when they need documents, such as brochures or advertising items, to be printed in mass quantities and sent to the public. We will assist with designing these items and arrange for printing and/or distribution. Divisions should provide content for the items and a mailing list if necessary. Cost of printing and mailing is the responsibility of the division.

Basic Assistance

Bus stop ad.Closeup of bus stop ad for Spring Semester at Ohlone.

Lead Time: Two to Four weeks, depending on event.

College Advancement provides the following publicity and advertising services. Our staff will work with you to decide the most appropriate way to distribute information.

Basic Assistance services include Press Releases, Calendar Placement, Marquee Announcements, Voice & Group Emails, PSAs to radio and TV, event planning and photography. These services are explained below.

Press Releases

Lead Time: Three weeks before event; as oon as possible after a special event occurs.

A press release can be issued for any upcoming event, special occurrence, or to tell an interesting story. Please fill out a press release form (available in the Mail Room) giving us complete information. We will write the release and send it to you for correction and approval, or you may choose to write a release yourself and ask us to distribute it. Please note: we cannot guarantee publication of press releases.


Lead Time: Four weeks before event.

Newspapers print calendaring information about upcoming events as a public services. We get a placement rate of approximately 3 out of 4 submissions in the calendar sections of the newspapers on our media list, but cannot guarantee publication in outside media sources. We also list events with the Monitor.

Marquee Announcements

Lead Time: Four weeks prior to event.

Please send information to College Advancement using the Marquee Display Request Form available on the Marquee website.

Event Photography

Lead Time: Two weeks prior to event.

Where possible we will attend an event to take pictures of students, faculty, or the public. (Note: Anyone appearing in a photograph must sign a release form before we can use their picture. A parent or guardian must sign for minors (age 17 and under).)

Event Planning

Lead Time: Four weeks prior to events, or as early as possible.

Our office will be happy to be part of planning events which involve bringing the public to Ohlone. We can assist in developing a marketing strategy for the event and assist you in coordinating with appropriate organizations.