Design Guidelines and Identity Standards

Ohlone College Style Guide.The College logo, as well as certain graphic elements become a visual representation of Ohlone College. This becomes the College “brand.” The College “brand” identifies who we are, what we offer, and defines our mission. A strong brand creates the image in the viewer's mind of what Ohlone College represents. The “Ohlone College brand” is identified by what we stand for and what makes us unique from other institutions.

In order to consistently reinforce the Ohlone brand to a the public, all College publications need to follow style guidelines, so that the Ohlone brand can be clearly and effectively communicated through all designs. By using consistent visual elements, such as logo, type font and color scheme, publications can be designed with their own distinctive look, but also fit cohesively with the College image.

This style guide has been developed for faculty and staff who are interested in designing materials such as brochures, flyers, pamphlets, and other print publications which are intended for distribution to the outside audience. The style guide ensures that the publications are balanced between creativity and consistency.

Logo Usage

The official Ohlone College logo needs to be present on all materials that are being distributed outside of the college. Download different versions of the official Ohlone College logo.

Use of Photographs

Ohlone has a large number of photographs available to illustrate flyers and brochures that represent the students and the facilities in our various programs. These photos are located on the Ohlone_1 network server. Please give us advance notice if you need help finding photos. You can also use stock photos (or graphics), using the sites listed on the Images for the Web and Other Uses web page.

Please note these guidelines regarding use of student photos. College Advancement collects a signed photo release, which we keep on file. The College should not use photos for marketing or public display without the consent of the subject in the pictures even for use on campus. Photos from sources other than College Advancement should not be used unless signed photo releases are gathered at the time of the shoot. Any minor children (under the age of 18) must have a signature from the child’s parent/guardian. The Photo Release and Video Release forms are available on the College Advancement website.

Using photos without a signed release form can subject the College to serious liability issues.

Submitting Materials for Review

Before design jobs are completed, they must go through a review process through the Office of College Advancement to ensure:

  • Proper Image Resolution (no blurry or fuzzy images)
  • Proper Logo Usage
  • Grammar & Spelling Accuracy
  • Consistent College Visual Identity

To submit your design for review, please email to

Ohlone College Color Palette

The colors for Ohlone College are teal green and gold. The official hues are:

Official Ohlone College Colors
Color Name PMS Value (color code for print materials) PMS Color Sample Equivalent RGB Value (color code for websites) RGB Color Sample
Teal Green PMS 3292

R 0
G 91
B 85


Old Gold PMS 110

R 215
G 169
B 0


Additional Color Palette
Color Name PMS Value (color code for print materials) PMS Color Sample Equivalent RGB Value (Hex color code for websites) RGB Color Sample
Orange PMS 145

R 206
G 117
B 0


Dark Blue PMS 534

R 41
G 62
B 105


Red PMS 201

R 158
G 27
B 49


Lime Green PMS 583

R 168
G 177
B 0


Light Blue PMS 2708

G 199
B 229


Grey PMS 404

R 118
G 110
B 102


Highlighter / Neon Yellow

CMYK (not PMS):

C 0
M 0
Y 100
K 0

CMYK (not PMS):

R 255
G 241
B 0


Design Element for Download

Sample "Ohlone College" in scripty font.


  • EPS - Encapsulated PostScript

Assistance with Designing Materials

The Office of College Advancement provides consultation on design, as well as recommends designers to assist with projects. Based on the project objective, design fees may be partially or fully covered by the Office of College Advancement.

Please make an appointment five (5) weeks in advance of your need depending on the items before your anticipated in-hand date by contacting:

Gosia Asher
Marketing Lead
College Advancement
(510) 659-6206

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