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Minutes of College Council

November 7, 2003                                                                                                         APPROVED

Page 1 of 1 Page                                                                                                             November 21, 2003



MEMBERS PRESENT:    Martha Brown, Douglas Burns, Keith Clark, Huy Do, Linda Evers,

                                             Tom Holcomb, Dennis Keller, Melissa Milner, Maria Ramirez

                                             Elizabeth Silva, Connie Teshara, Doug Treadway, Debbie Tucker


MEMBERS ABSENT:      Clifton Der Bing, Patrick Lane, Barbara Tull




2.                                          Smoking Policy


Consensus                             Members received a copy of the proposed smoke-free campus administrative policy and regulation and agreed to share this with their respective groups before consideration at the December 5 College Council meeting.


3.                                          Task Force and Committees Status


Motion Approved                  Moved/Burns/Seconded/Evers/Passed to form a task force (Douglas Burns, Linda Evers, Maria Ramirez, and Huy Do) to review the current structure of college-wide committees.  The task force will report back to the College Council on December 5th regarding the current status of the committees and possible options or reconfiguring. 


6.                                          Agenda for the Next Meeting


Consensus                             The following items are to be placed on the November 21 agenda:  1) Disabled Student Issues, 2) Alternative Schedules, 3) Passenger Van Policy, and 4) Review of Master Plan Processes.