Ohlone College

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Minutes of College Council

November 21, 2003 APPROVED

Page 1 of 2 Pages December 5, 2003


MEMBERS PRESENT: Martha Brown, Douglas Burns, Keith Clark, Janet Corcoran,

Clifton Der Bing, Huy Do, Linda Evers, Tom Holcomb, Dennis Keller, Kevin Kirk (alternate for Patrick Lane), Melissa Milner, Elizabeth Silva, Connie Teshara


MEMBERS ABSENT: Doug Treadway, Debbie Tucker, Barbara Tull




2. Approval of Minutes


Moved/Burns/Seconded/Clark/Passed to approve minutes from the

October 31 and November 7, 2003, meetings.


3. Disabled Student Issue


Melissa Milner addressed the Council regarding a student needing guidance on how to receive one-on-one tutoring. Availability of handicap parking for Hyman Hall and disabled accessibility on campus were also discussed.

Martha Brown, DSPS Coordinator, stated that funding for one-on-one tutoring was not available for any students and recommended that the student contact her to discuss other accommodations.

Handicap parking located in the staff parking lot near Hyman Hall may be used by anyone requiring this type of access. All other handicap parking locations are shown on the Ohlone web site.

One of the bond projects for the next year is to improve campus accessibility.


4.                              Review of Master Plan Processes


The Vice Presidents presented the Council with background information regarding Measure A Bond Planning, an integrated planning model, integrated enrollment planning, integrated planning outcomes, and an Educational Master Plan summary for the Ohlone College Newark Center for Technology and Health Sciences.



5. Shared Governance Input


For surveying the respective groups for College Council related issues, it was suggested that Council members discuss with each of their governing bodies how information should be collected.


6. Comments from the Audience


Walt Birkedahl addressed the College Council, as an advocate for fellow workers, regarding the Verizon cell phone antennas being placed on the Smith Center roof. Several concerns were discussed: staff not being included in original discussions, potential health risks, transmission interference, and damaged aesthetic appeal. Deanna will coordinate a meeting regarding the issue, requesting that staff forward any questions to her that they would like addressed. The date of this meeting will be announced at the December 5 College Council meeting.


7. Agenda for the Next Meeting


The following items were suggested for the December 5 agenda: 1) Educational Master Plan, 2) Verizon Discussion, 3) College Council Task Force Report, 4) Smoking Policy, and 5) Classified Input into Academic Calendar.