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Minutes of College Council

January 23, 2004                                                APPROVED

Page 1 of 2 Pages                                    February 6, 2004



MEMBERS PRESENT:   Martha Brown, Douglas Burns, Keith Clark, Clifton Der Bing, Huy Do,  Tom Holcomb, Dennis Keller, Patrick Lane, Elizabeth Silva, Connie Teshara, Doug Treadway, Debbie Tucker, Chalin Luizinho


MEMBERS ABSENT:   Janet Corcoran, Linda Evers, Barbara Tull




2.                        Approval of Minutes


                        Moved/Lane/Seconded/Douglas Burns/Passed to approve minutes from the

                        January 16, 2004, meeting.


3.   Task Force on District-wide Committees


Douglas Burns prepared a Draft – Committees Report.  After a lengthy discussion it has been decided that Dr. Treadway will meet with the sub-committee to refine/merge/streamline and further clarify the purposes of all committees.  Patrick Lane will update the sub-committee with names of current classified staff.  After this document has been completed Douglas Burns will be glad to put together a chart showing relationships of Committees to Council.  Postponed for discussion at the February 6, 2004 meeting.


4.                        Task Force on 2004-05 Budget Development – Update


The Budget Task Force met on Tuesday, January 20, 2004, to begin the                                                                                                                      process of researching, reviewing, and planning for ways to cut over One Million Dollars from the District’s 2004-2005 budget.  Because of the current State budget crisis and the critical financial status of our Community College District, as well as other districts in the State, this Task Force has been given the immense responsibility of making all possible budget reductions in every area not adversely affecting the educational processes, while also maintaining the permanent staff positions that currently exist.


There is major support amongst all constituents to campaign for the Bond measures, Prop 57 ($15 billion bond) and a corresponding balance-budget requirement Prop 58 on March 2, 2004.  Failure to pass this bond would mean 20% to 25% cuts to the State budget.  Discussions on this matter will be held with our Board of Trustees at out next meeting scheduled for January 28, 2004.  Over the next two weeks all Departments are going to be meeting as a team to brainstorm a more manageable program.  You are welcome to submit your ideas to the Budget Task Force website which will be operational on Monday, January 26, 2004.  The next meeting of this task force is schedule for February 10, 2004 at 2:30 p.m. in room 3101.


5.                        Strategic Planning


                                                Federal Title III Grant


§         College Symposium scheduled for January 30, 2004 at 1:00 p.m. in our Gymnasium.  Purpose for the symposium and the schedule for the day e-mailed to all staff and faculty through an college-wide announcement from College Relations on January 22, 2004.


§         College Council adoption of Goals, Friday, February 20, 2004.


6.                           Comments from the Audience


                  Keith Clark raised the issue of parking fees to increase.  Discussions with Deanna Walston and ASOC are continuing and Deanna will bring back to the Council recommendations to fee increases on February 6, 2004.


                  Public Forum on Proposed Smoke-free Policy scheduled for Wednesday, January 28, 2004, 2:00 – 3:00 p.m. Building 7, Rm. 7102.


7.               Agenda for the Next Meeting


                  The following items were suggested for the February 6 agenda:  1) Smoking Policy, 2) Task Force on District-wide Committees.