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Minutes of College Council

March 5, 2004

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Martha Brown, Keith Clark, Clifton Der Bing, Huy Do, Tom Holcomb, Dennis Keller, Patrick Lane, Chalin Luizinho, Maria Ramirez (replacing Janet Corcoran), Elizabeth Silva, Debbie Tucker, Barbara Tull


MEMBERS ABSENT: Douglas Burns, Linda Evers, Connie Teshara, Doug Treadway,
Debbie Tucker



2. Approval of Minutes


Minutes from February 20, 2004 meeting were unavailable.


3. Flexible/Late Start Schedules

Jim Wright presented a report on Late Start courses for Spring 2004. Sixteen classes were added to the Schedule for Spring 2004. Classes will end before Summer Session begins. The MacGregor site will be closed at night and courses will move to Newark-Memorial High. Ron Travenick added that flexibility in scheduling works, adjustments just need to be filed with the Chancellorís Office. Discussion continued about tracking student numbers (retention, new students, etc).


4. Fremont Facilities Master Plan

Dennis Keller distributed copies of the Fremont Master Plan Issues Requiring Resolutions and the Master Plan map. Dennis shared his thoughts on the Master Plan and encouraged College Council Members to participate in the next Facilities Task Force Meeting on Mar 11 at 1 pm and to continue to provide input into the process of developing the Master Plan.


5. College Council Host Asset Management Forum

Dennis Keller spoke for Doug Treadway about the Council hosting this Forum. The campus has many assets to manage (Frontage property, North and South side properties). This topic will be discussed in the future.


6. College Council By-Laws

No by-laws currently exist for the College Council. Dennis Keller requested volunteers to work on creating by-laws. No one stepped forward at this time. Maria Ramirez volunteered to contact Shasta College to get information from their College Council. This topic will be discussed in the future.


7. Comments from the Audience

Discussion about smoking, fumes and the flood in Building 1 and the environmental impact of that. When construction of new buildings and renovation ensues, what will be the environmental impact (short term as well as long term)? Facilities Task Force could look at the impact of construction on the employees and students in the area. Should be an agenda item in the future.


Doug Treadway was acknowledged for his leadership in disseminating information about the water leak in Bldg 1 and keeping staff informed of progress.

8. Agenda for the Next Meeting

The following items were suggested for the Mar. 26 meeting: 1) Committee on Committees, 2) Implementation of Smoking Policy, 3) Environmental Concerns for Future, 4) College Council By-Laws


9. Meeting was adjourned at 11:12 am.