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Minutes of College Council

March 26, 2004

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Martha Brown, Clifton Der Bing, Linda Evers, Tom Holcomb, Kathleen Johnson (sitting in for Douglas Burns), Dennis Keller, Patrick Lane, Chalin Luizinho, Debbie Tucker, Barbara Tull


MEMBERS ABSENT: Douglas Burns, Keith Clark, Huy Do, Maria Ramirez (replacing Janet Corcoran), Elizabeth Silva, Connie Teshara,



2.                        Approval of Minutes


                        Minutes from the March 5, 2004 meeting were approved as submitted.


3.                        Fremont Master Plan

                        The Facilities Task Force has received preliminary working documents on the Fremont Educational Master Plan.  Two forums are scheduled next week to focus on major planning concepts (Monday, 2:00pm in the Amphitheater and Tuesday, 8:30am in the NUMMI Theater).  Council members were encouraged to participate and to contact their groups to insure positive attendance.  Concepts and plans will be presented and there will be time for discussion and questions.



                        The Master Plan for the core campus will be completed by the end of April.  The draft Master Plan will be presented at a Board workshop on April 14 and the Board will vote on the Master Plan on April 28.  The issues of asset division, power lines and athletic fields will be decided later.  Dennis Keller voiced concerns that the process has not been clearly communicated from the Facilities Task Force and the Board of Trustees. Dennis would like the College Council to be very familiar with the planning so the group can have an impact on the outcomes.  He asked that Council members invest themselves in the forums and ask questions.




                        It was agreed Council members would bring questions and concerns following the forums to next week’s meeting (April 2).  The entire meeting will be devoted to discussing the Fremont Master Plan.  College Council will then vote on the Fremont Master Plan at the April 16 meeting.  The Board will vote to approve the Master Plan on April 28.


4.                        Task Force on Committees

                        Kathleen Johnson distributed a handout showing a proposed Task Force structure for committees.  The new Task Force structure would report to College Council and will be more efficient than the current committee structure.  Of the existing committee structure, 3 committees were recommended to remain the same, 3 will continue to report to Faculty Senate and 1 will report to ASOC.  Many committees have been bundled under the task forces, but no committees have been lost in the process.



                        Next steps include: 1) discussion and review, 2) forming of task force groups and planning, and 3) rewriting of statement of purposes for each task force.  The new structure would take effect next year.  Committee structure changes can be approved by the President and do not require Board action.  College Council made the recommendation to move ahead.


5.            By-Laws/End of Year Review

                        Tabled to the April 16 meeting.


6.                        Environmental Concerns

                        Tabled to the April 16 meeting.


7.                        Comments from the Audience

                        Tom Holcomb thanked Doug Treadway and Jim Wright for their presence and communication with the audience at Wednesday’s Deaf Dean Always Rally.


8.                        Agenda for the Next Meeting

                        The following items were suggested for the April 2 meeting: 1) Fremont Master Plan discussion; April 16 meeting: 1) Report From Budget Task Force, 2) Alternative/Compressed Calendar (Dennis Keller will ask Bennett Oppenheim to come – he has researched Bay 10 schools and has asked questions of those that have transitioned), 3) By-Laws/End of the Year Review, 4) Environmental Concerns, 5) Strategic Planning Progress Report, 6) Vote on Fremont Master Plan.  Doug Treadway suggested the April 16 meeting be a joint meeting with the Facilities Task Force.


9.            Meeting was adjourned at 11:29am.