Minutes of College Council

April 16, 2004


MEMBERS PRESENT:  Martha Brown, Huy Do, Linda Evers, Tom Holcomb, Dennis Keller, Chalin Luisinho, Elizabeth Silva, Debbie Tucker, Barbara Tull, Lyle Engeldinger (replacing Douglas Burns), Doug Treadway


MEMBERS ABSENT:  Janet Corcoran, Keith Clark, Clifton Der Bing, Patrick Lane, Connie Teshara


  1. Fremont Facilities Master Plan

Dennis Keller presented a draft position paper for the Council discussion. 

Motion made by Evers.  The Council decided to vote on the paper at the next meeting.


  1. Budget Task Force Report

Joann Schultz explained the process used by the task force and the results.

Motion made by Engeldinger.  The Council voted to recommend the Report and its suggestions to the college president.


  1. College-Wide Committee Restructuring

The Council requested that Dr. Treadway prepare a position paper and return to the Council for further discussion.


  1. Alternative Compressed Calendar

Bennett Oppenheim made a presentation to the Council.  No action taken.


  1. Agenda for Next Meeting:

Strategic planning

Committee Restructuring

Fremont Master Plan

Council Membership and Summer meetings