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Minutes of College Council

May 7, 2004

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Clifton Der Bing, Douglas Burns, Huy Do, Linda Evers, Tom Holcomb, Dennis Keller, Patrick Lane, Maria Ramirez, Elizabeth Silva, Connie Teshara, Douglas Treadway, Debbie Tucker, Barbara Tull


MEMBERS ABSENT: Martha Brown, Keith Clark, Chalin Luisinho



2. Approval of Minutes


Minutes from the April 16, 2004 meeting were approved with one correction: Dennis Driver was present (sitting in for Patrick Lane).


3. Strategic Plan

The Board has 7 goals for approval and task forces for achievement of the goals will be formed. The measurable objectives and strategies are in place. The strategic goals will be interlaced with the task forces. Each task force will be responsible for 1 goal as well as the previously operating committee structure. The task forces report to the College Council. The next step in changing to the task force structure will be to go to UFO, CSEA, SEIU to make clear the contract language about committee assignments. There will be a Board workshop next week to discuss funding behind the goals. Then a budget will be built in the next 3-4 months to support the goals.


4. Newark Campus Schematic Design


Doug Treadway reported that the Board approved the schematic design at a group meeting with the architects. User group meetings are happening this month so the architects can move on the design work.


Patrick Lane suggested the College Council agendas go out as an announcement on email.


Doug Treadway mentioned a marketing ad hoc group would be meeting to look at the College logo and tag line. Some recommendations will come to College Council over the summer. There was agreement that the logo should be about the Ohlone people. Artists and elders will be consulted.


Friday, October 1, 1-4pm there will be a second All-College Symposium in the gym. Should this be an annual tradition?


5. Fremont Master Plan

Dennis Keller referred to the position paper presented at the April 16 meeting. The College Council changes from the last meeting have been integrated into the document. Dennis reworked the second paragraph and confirmed that #12 now includes universal design concepts and #13 adds baseball and softball fields. Douglas Burns made a motion to add the word entire referring to the Building One fourth floor library expansion. All in favor.


6. Committee Restructuring


The Council reviewed the proposed list of Task Forces and College Goals. The following amendment was proposed:


Modify language to College Environment (Facilities and Environment) – Promote and maintain a an accessible, clean … A definition of terms will be added to the document which will include the term accessible.


The Council also reviewed the Organization of Committees and Task Forces for Ohlone College list. It was agreed that a process is needed for other committees to join specific task forces and a statement should be added about task forces utilizing/organizing existing committees as the group wishes.


Barbara Tull moved to approve the documents as amended. All in favor.


It was agreed that the campus needs clarification from the College Council about the new task force structure. Dennis Keller suggested the Council draft a supportive statement for the Board to confirm the Council’s support.


Doug Treadway proposed a day-long College Council and Strategic Planning group retreat on Thursday, August 12.


7. Council Membership and Summer Schedule


Doug Treadway proposed the Council meet over the summer on the second Wednesday of the month prior to the Board meeting. The proposed meeting time is 5-6pm (longer when needed) and sandwiches will be provided. The proposed meeting time would be for the months of June, July and August. The June meeting will be in Building 27. Council members were asked to inform their respective groups. Linda Evers made a motion to approve and all were in favor.


8. Comments from the Audience

Patrick Lane asked that faculty communicate their needs for Fall Semester before leaving for the summer. He also mentioned the importance of backing up before leaving for the summer, as there will be computer upgrades over the summer. This information should be taken back to appropriate groups.


9. Agenda for the Next Meeting

Task Forces and Committee Organization



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