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Minutes of College Council

July 14, 2004 ADOPTED

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Martha Brown (for Tom Holcomb)

Douglas Burns

Rosary Cordova (for Saad Siddiqui)

Dennis Driver (for Patrick Lane)

Dennis Keller

Elizabeth Silva

Connie Teshara

Barbara Tull

Deanna Walston (for Doug Treadway)


Linda Evers

Maria Ramirez

Debbie Tucker




2. Approval of Minutes, June 14, 2004


Dennis will have June 14, 2004, minutes available prior to the next meeting.


3. Bond “A” Project Update


·        Simon was present to review the status of the projects and to answer questions.

·        Dennis requested that copies of the construction schedule be available for Council members, Deanna noted that an updated schedule will be available in August


4. Budget Update


·        Deanna reviewed issues and concerns surrounding the State budget

·        Dennis requested that Lisa have Ron Travenick provide College Council FTES figures next cycle

·        Analysis of low summer enrollment


5. Committee/Task Force update


Postponed until the August 12, 2004 meeting


6. Retreat August 12th


·        Date, time, and directions have been posted

·        Dennis will advise on alternates attending retreat

·        Discussion Items

o       Agenda items for next year

o       Dynamics of how College Council works as a group

o       Term Limits

o       By-Laws

7. Announcements from Audience




8. Agenda for Next Meeting


·        Email Dennis any suggestions for future agenda items.

·        Next meeting August 12, 2004 (retreat)



Adjournment: 6:05 pm