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Minutes of College Council

August 27, 2004 ADOPTED

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MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom Holcomb Doug Treadway

Dennis Keller Douglas Burns

Elizabeth Silva Connie Teshara

Wayne Takakuwa Debbie Tucker

Barbara Tull Linda Evers

Saad Siddiqui Patrick Lane

Ban-Jin Tan


MEMBERS ABSENT: Faculty rep needed (Martha Brown replacement)

Staff rep needed (Keith Clark replacement)

One additional student needed





  1. Approval of Minutes, July 14, 2004

as amended with venue change.

  1. Welcome to New Members


         Dennis Keller welcomed Saad Siddiqui and Ban-Jin Tan as the new ASOC President and student representative, respectively, along with Wayne Takakuwa, as a new faculty representative. Dennis mentioned that one additional student rep is still needed.

         Dennis also mentioned that an additional representative from Staff, Student, and Faculty are needed to bring the Council to its full representation.

         Dennis reminded all College Council members to notify him if you plan to be absent from an upcoming meeting, and to assign an alternate to attend in your place.


  1. Volunteers and/or appointments to task forces


Reminder that the purpose of task forces is to help make committee structure more efficient and integrated. Task forces will support the seven (7) goals and add definition to the work of the college.

         All interested faculty and staff should contact task force chairs to express interest.

         Review of committee structures under shared governance


Task forces will consist of:

      2 representatives from College Council

      2 administration

      2 faculty

      2 staff

      2 students

      A representative from interested committees

         Task forces recommend to College Council what form the task force will take and come back to the group for ratification.

         Task force evaluates and determines if corresponding committees are needed or not.

o        Task forces will come back to College Council with recommendations and information.

         Volunteers solicited for vacant co-chair positions. Task force co-chairs confirmed as follows:

      College Council, Budget, and Strategic Planning
Co-chairs / Doug Treadway & Dennis Keller

      International and Multi-Cultural Task Force (Goal 1)
Co-chairs / Tom Holcomb & Saad Siddique

      Learning College Task Force (Goals 2 and 4)
Co-chairs / Jim Wright, Deanna Walston, Deb Parziale

      Student Development Task Force (Goal 3)
Co-chairs / Lisa Waits, Debbie Tucker, Wayne Takakuwa

      Community Service Task Force (Goal 5)
Co-chairs / Leta Stagnaro, Elizabeth Silva, Patrick Lane

      Campus Environment and Facilities Task Force (Goal 6)
Co-chairs / Ron Quinta, George Rodgers, Linda Evers, Douglas Burns

      Resource Development Task Force (Goal 7)
Co-chairs / Robin Koelkebeck and TBA


  1. Development of College Council By-Laws

         Volunteers solicited to develop College Council charter and by-laws. Volunteers included:

      Barbara Tull (ad hoc chair)

      Douglas Burns

      Dennis Keller

      Patrick Lane

  1. Cycle of Ongoing College Council Meetings

         The first College Council meeting each month will be dedicated to a business agenda (action items)

         The second College Council meeting each month will be dedicated to discussion and strategic planning

  1. Communication from Audience

         Dr. Treadway will send most current version of Vision, Values, and Goals document with announcement e-mail detailing Task Forces.


7.     Agenda for Next Meeting


         Email Dennis Keller with any suggestions for future agenda items

         Budget Update Deanna Walston

         Task Force report

         Next meeting September 10, 2004 (10:00 11:30 a.m. / location TBA)


Adjournment: (no formal adjournment meeting ended at approximately 11:35 a.m.)