Ohlone College

Room 2204

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539




Minutes of College Council

September 10, 2004 ADOPTED 9/24/04


MEMBERS PRESENT: Tom Holcomb Doug Treadway

Dennis Keller Douglas Burns

Elizabeth Silva Connie Teshara

Wayne Takakuwa Jacque Bradley (for Debbie Tucker)

Martha Brown (for Barbara Tull) Patrick Lane

Saad Siddiqui Emerald Templetan (new student rep)

Ban-Jin Tan


MEMBERS ABSENT: Faculty rep needed (Martha Brown replacement)

Staff rep needed (Keith Clark replacement)

Linda Evers




  1. Approval of Minutes, August 27, 2004

as amended with Treadway (College Council Task Force Organization) handout clarifying distinction between Task Force “Co-chairs” and “Facilitators”.

  1. Goals and Measurable Objectives


·         Doug Treadway distributed a handout and discussed the relationship between Title III goals and measurable objectives. Using his document as a starting point, Task Forces will formally review the objectives and bring their charter to College Council.

·         Douglas Burns inquired about the level of financial commitment attached to the goals.

Ø      It was pointed out that the asterisked items have proposed budgets based on the Title III submission.

Ø      Deanna noted that a final budget is being finalized with a focus on these initiatives and that the budget will be brought to the Board on October 13. In addition, there is a first year commitment of $100K in “seed money” being set aside for the goals.

·         Doug Treadway mentioned that Task Force facilitators will have a set of guidelines, and need to establish a numeric baseline to quantify the goals and objectives.


  1. Mid-term Report / WASC Accreditation Standards


·         Jim Wright described the procedure followed by the Accreditation Commission with regard to the 6-year cycle of site visits to community colleges. Jim is seeking input regarding the mid-term report that is due October 15, responding to the recommendations made by the Commission during our site visit three years ago.

·         There are four major areas investigated during the accreditation review:


Ø      Mission

Ø      Student Progress

Ø      Financial/Facilities/Human Resources

Ø      Governance/Administration


·         There will be a Mid-Term Report meeting held on Friday, September 17, at 2:00 p.m. in the Video Conference Room (Library). Everyone is welcome to attend.



  1. Board Policy Regarding Shared Governance

·         Before the College Council By-Laws Committee can move forward, a review and updating of the existing Board policy regarding shared governance must be conducted. The existing by-laws committee will conduct this review. Including an additional student volunteer, the committee now includes:

Ø      Saad Siddiqui

Ø      Barbara Tull (ad hoc chair)

Ø      Douglas Burns

Ø      Dennis Keller

Ø       Patrick Lane

  1. Budget Update

·          Deanna Walston provided a report on final legislative and Governor’s actions on the 2004-05 system budget for California Community Colleges. Deanna also provided a handout from the Legislative Analyst’s Office regarding California’s economic and budget situation


  1. Facilities Task Force Update

·         The Ohlone College Newark Center expects to be “certified” or earn “gold” level LEED status, which is an environmental indicator of the following design characteristics:

Ø      Sustainable

Ø      Water efficient

Ø      Passive cooling

Ø      Construction materials are low energy

Ø      Indoor environmental quality

Ø      Innovative design

·         Deanna is expecting board approval on September 22, and that construction will begin in April, 2005.

·         Douglas Burns suggested that College Council draft a recommendation that the Board approve the design drawings, in a show of support for this effort.

  1. Task Force Clarification

·         As mentioned earlier in the meeting, Doug Treadway passed out a document clarifying the difference between Task Force “Co-chairs” and “Facilitators”.

·         A deadline of Friday, September 17, 2004 was set for Task Force assignemtns.

  1. Communication from Audience

·         None


  1. Agenda for Next Meeting


·         9/24 – Deanna Walston to present on College Council’s role in budget oversight and development of principles and strategies

·         9/24 – Ron Travenick to present an enrollment update and to discuss the compressed academic calendar

·         Email Dennis Keller with suggestions for additional agenda items

·         Next meeting September 24, 2004 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m. / Child Development Center)


Adjournment: Moved/Burns, Seconded/Lane – meeting adjourned at 11:37 a.m.