Ohlone College

Child Development Center / Fremont Campus

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539




Minutes of College Council

October 8, 2004 ADOPTED 10/22/04


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Elizabeth Silva

Douglas Burns Dennis Driver (for Patrick Lane)

Connie Teshara Xisheng Fang (for Richard Grotegut)

Wayne Takakuwa Ban-Jin Tan

Ron Travenick (for Debbie Tucker)

Linda Evers (@ 10:20)

Susan Myers (replacement for Barbara Tull)


MEMBERS ABSENT: Staff rep needed (Keith Clark replacement)

Tom Holcomb

Emerald Templetan

Dennis Keller

Saad Siddiqui




  1. Approval of Minutes (September 24 2004)

  1. Compressed Academic Calendar


Ron Travenick continued his presentation from the September 24 meeting. The “condensed” academic calendar topic included the following discussion points:

·         Condensed calendar is defined as any abbreviated term shorter than the standard 18 week term

·         There are several considerations:

        Site specific?

        Space impact due to extended class periods

        Mixed course offerings

        If more than 20% of Ohlone’s courses move away from the 18-week duration, this change would require approval of the Chancellor’s office.

·         Impacts include:

        Changes to the college “business” (rolling intake, assessments, admissions schedule, financial aid awards, orientations)

        Impacts to students – shorter add/drop window / positive attendance if less than a 7 week term

·         Douglas Burns raised the issue of IS impact related to classroom and/or lab prep time. With a shortage of staff and resources, Business Services would have to be actively involved in planning.


·         Wayne Takakuwa inquired if this topic is being raised because we are on the verge of implementing? Dean Travenick indicated that there is strong faculty and student interest, and that there are already condensed terms in effect (Newark, on-line, etc.). Wayne also expressed concern that it would be confusing and difficult for students if we had different start dates and terms for Newark and Fremont campuses.

·         Dr. Wright pointed out that Ohlone’s history was that of a quarterly system. He mentioned that there are 15-week terms in place in the evening at Newark, for most weekend courses in general, and 15-week terms are planned for day classes at the University of Phoenix.

·         Competition from other colleges and student interest are the driving forces towards compressed calendar.

·         Suggestion made that a study group be formed to explore impacts on staff, faculty, and students. This study group could be connected to the Learning College and/or Student Development task force(s).


  1. Mid-term Accreditation Report


        College goals

        Measurable outcomes

        Evaluation of on-line offerings

        Shared governance

        104 planning items that have been categorized as either

§         completed

§         in progress or ongoing

§         restricted by budget

§         abandoned (with rationale)

        Jim asked for College Council approval. Moved/Silva, Passed to approve Mid-term Accreditation Report.

        Jim will be taking the report to the Board of Trustees for approval at the October 13, 2004 meeting.


  1. Task Force facilitator orientation and membership updates

·         Dr. Treadway distributed two handouts

        (Handout #1) Task Force Facilitators Guide describing:
- Task Force purpose
- Task Force Organizational meeting (initial meeting for all groups)
- Task Force Second meeting
- Participation of Task Force members
- College Council feedback
- College Council ongoing relationship to Task Forces

        Dr. Treadway asked Facilitators to note that their participation and responsibility is limited to the first two Task Force meetings

Ø       (Handout #2) Task Force appointments (as of October 6, 2004)


  1. By-laws update and recommendations

·         Due to the absence of Dennis Keller, this item will be carried over to the October 22 College Council meeting.


  1. Communication from Audience

·         Elizabeth Silva voiced the Library’s support of ASOC’s efforts to register and inform students with regard to the upcoming election.

·         Elizabeth further called to our attention the Library display reserved for Bond project related items. She would like to be provided with a timeline regarding the Newark campus opening.

·         Elizabeth mentioned SOAR’s efforts to assist people who wish to acknowledge faculty, staff, and students via an on-line “certificate of appreciation” available at http://www.ohlone.edu/org/soar/catchmecaring.html

·         Dr. Treadway announced that Ohlone College has been awarded two grants by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office Economic and Workforce Development Unit: (Biotechnology Education and Training Alliance = $556K over two years and Sustainable Business Development = $566K over two years).

·         Dr. Treadway asked if the Video Conference Room was an acceptable long-term location for College Council meetings. It was agreed that future meetings will be held there.

·         Dr. Treadway mentioned that he has been working to update the Board of Trustees Policy & Procedures manual. He has completed the first three chapters and will be asking both College Council and the Board of Trustees to review hard copies that will be provided at the next meeting.

  1. Agenda for Next Meeting


·         Distribution of Board Policy & Procedure revisions

·         Proposal for college museum

·         Task Force reports

·         Campus security presentation (Steve Fajardo)

·         Email Dennis Keller with suggestions for additional agenda items

·         Next meeting Friday, October 22, 2004 (10:00 – 11:30 / Video Conference Room)

Adjournment: Moved/Teshara, Seconded/Treadway – meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.