Ohlone College

Video Conference Room / Fremont Campus

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Minutes of College Council

October 22, 2004 ADOPTED 11/5/04


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Elizabeth Silva

Douglas Burns Patrick Lane

Connie Teshara Richard Grotegut

Wayne Takakuwa Ban-Jin Tan

Tom Holcomb Saad Siddiqui

Linda Evers

Susan Myers


MEMBERS ABSENT: Staff rep needed (Keith Clark replacement)

Debbie Tucker

Emerald Templetan

Dennis Keller




  1. Approval of Minutes (October 8, 2004)

·         Moved/Burns, Seconded/Teshara, Passed to approve the October 8, 2004 College Council meeting minutes.

  1. Task Force Reports


·         Task Force facilitators reported back from different groups, as follows:

       Elizabeth Silva reported that the Community Service task force’s initial meeting had been scheduled, but not yet held.

       Douglas Burns and Linda Evers reported that the Campus Environment & Facilities task force held an initial meeting, but there had been some confusion regarding terminology. It was agreed that the pre-existing “Facilities Task Force” would now be called the “Facilities Committee”, with Deanna Walston as the committee leader.

       Wayne Takakuwa reported that the Student Development task force had met and that they were struck by the enormity of the task. This task force feels that it will take three to four meetings to define, develop, educate, and clarify.

       Susan Myers and Connie Teshara reported that the Learning College task force had already held their two initial meetings. It was decided that SOAR would fall under the Learning College task force umbrella, but that TACO would no longer exist as it has in the past, and will be folded into the Teaching and Learning Institute. Several other issues were discussed and defined (such as the need to find a replacement for Kay Harrison in Staff Development), and Susan and Connie reported that they have now completed their facilitation responsibilities for this group.

       Saad Siddiqui reported that the International & Multi-Cultural task force had scheduled their first meeting, but it had not yet been held.


·         Facilitators raised questions and made various comments and observations regarding their experience with the facilitation process, including:

       The importance of distinguishing between the role of the task force and the committees and work groups that will report to the task force. The task force is more of a “steering group”, coordinating activities and reporting back to College Council.

       It was stressed that the co-chairs needed to be adequately informed regarding the facilitators’ role and the process of the first two task force meetings.

       Some confusion might be possible when task force goals overlap with another task force. Going forward, it will be important for task forces to work jointly in some cases, and to define the structure of those integrated tasks.

       As committees and work groups form, it’s important to emphasize inclusiveness and openness.

       It was recommended that task forces use the “announcement” e-mail system to publish meeting dates and times, and to post agendas.

       The $100,000 “seed money” is intended to supplement grant money, staff development funds, etc. Task forces will represent the needs of their group and submit requests for project funding via the College Council.


·         Dr. Treadway reported the following:

       The President’s Forum, held on Thursday, October 21, was well attended.

       Replacing his “monthly newsletter”, Dr. Treadway is proposing a monthly “think piece”, that will provide an in depth focus on a specific topic. Dr. Treadway is suggesting that this piece could also be run in the Monitor, Argus, and sent via e-mail announcement. His plan is to begin this new communication piece in Spring ’05. Tom Holcomb suggested that it is important for Dr. Treadway to welcome comments and feedback from faculty, staff, and students.


  1. Proposal for College Museum


       Linda Evers feels that dedicating the building for this use is a good idea, but she inquired about handicap access. Dr. Treadway described that certain ramps would have to be built to accommodate wheelchair access, but at no prohibitive expense.

       Douglas Burns suggested that this proposal should go to the Campus Environment and Facilities task force for review. A recommendation would then come from the task force back to College Council.

       Aman Mehrzai, Monitor reporter, announced that the campus paper will be running a series on the history of the college campus and Ohlone Indians.

  1. Campus Security Presentation

·         Steve Fajardo, Chief of Safety & Security, distributed a presentation in support of arming the sworn police officers on campus (currently, Ben Peralta and Chief Fajardo, but potentially increasing in number in the future). Presentation included:

       Description of need for armed officers

       Benefits of arming sworn officers

       Listing of Bay Area colleges with armed officers

       Chronology of school shootings

       Sample Ohlone safety incident log

       Letters of support from the City of Fremont Chief of Police and City of Newark Chief of Police

·         Some comments, questions, and discussion points from the Council included:

       Linda Evers questioned of how shifts would be managed if there are only two sworn officers. Chief Fajardo is working on a schedule, indicating that he hopes to increase sworn officers – especially with the addition of the new Newark facility.

       Tom Holcomb indicated that it’s very sad that we’ve reached the point when this type of action is necessary. He’s concerned about how arming officers will impact the campus climate. Tom and Ban-Jin Tan also asked, as members of the deaf community on campus, how would security be trained to handle deaf people? Chief Fajardo mentioned that they are already in sign language training and recognized that extra care would have to be taken.

       Linda Evers inquired if they would consider non-lethal (tazer) guns. Chief Fajardo commented that tazers are good back-up weapons, but not as a primary defense.

       Dr. Treadway mentioned that this proposal requires Board action to reverse Board policy. He is hoping for a College Council recommendation to the Board to be presented at the December Board meeting.

       Wayne Takakuwa recommended an open campus forum for input to bring back to the Council.

       There was a request for Chief Fajardo to provide an incident list or log with the past year’s safety and security incidents.

       Saad Siddiqui suggested that ASOC also conduct a student survey. Tom Holcomb again stated that it’s important that we be careful as to how this topic is presented.


  1. Board Policy & Procedures Revisions

·         Dr. Treadway distributed Chapters 1-3 of the Board of Trustees Policies & Procedures for the Council to read and review.


  1. Communication from Audience

·         Time did not allow for comments from the audience

  1. Agenda for Next Meeting


·         By-laws update and recommendations (Dennis Keller)

·         Asset Management workshop (Deanna Walston)

·         Email Dennis Keller with suggestions for additional agenda items

·         Next meeting Friday, November 5, 2004 (10:00 – 11:30 / Video Conference Room)

Adjournment: Moved/Treadway – meeting adjourned at 11:45 a.m.