Ohlone College

Video Conference Room / Fremont Campus

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539




Minutes of College Council

November 5, 2004 ADOPTED 11/19/04


MEMBERS PRESENT: Doug Treadway Elizabeth Silva

Dennis Keller Patrick Lane

Connie Teshara Richard Grotegut

Wayne Takakuwa Ban-Jin Tan

Tom Holcomb Bryan Roy (for Saad Siddiqui)

Linda Evers Ron Travenick (for Debbie Tucker)

Susan Myers

Kathleen Johnson (replacing D. Burns)


MEMBERS ABSENT: Staff rep needed (Keith Clark replacement)

Student rep needed (Emerald Templetan replacement)



  1. Approval of Minutes (October 22, 2004)

·         Moved/Lane, Seconded/Teshara, Passed to approve the October 22, 2004 College Council meeting minutes.

  1. Task Force Reports & Discussion


·         Task force reporting process and information flow defined as follows:

       Task force committees report information, budget requests, and updates to task force co-chairs.

       Task force co-chairs report to College Council.

·         Task force co-chairs will forward committee structures to College Council

·         Task force co-chairs will announce task force meetings via “Announcement” e-mail

·         The President’s office will create and provide a template for use by each task force to indicate the following:

       Task force name

       Task force goal

       Task force objectives

       List of assigned task force membership

       Committee structure reporting to the task force

       Activities (including meetings)

·         Task force templates will be provided to co-chairs, who will be responsible for content. Each task force should provide completed template, and future updates, to the Web Team.

·         Cheryl Lambert (Web Team) requested that all co-chairs provide her with all relevant task force information (meeting agendas, minutes, membership changes, etc.). Cheryl also announced that she is creating a web-based task force meeting calendar which will list all task force meetings on a monthly basis to avoid conflicting meeting times.


·         Cheryl Lambert also announced that there is now a Task Force web page that can be accessed via the A-Z search feature on the home page, and also via links on the Staff and Employees page and the Student page. Cheryl envisions the Task Force web page as being a portal to individual task force web pages.

·         There were reports from the following task forces:

       Elizabeth Silva provided updates regarding the Community Service task force. She indicated that it’s important that task force budget requests should be heard in a unified way.

       Wayne Takakuwa and Ron Travenick reported regarding the Student Development task force. They have not discussed committee structures yet since they are focusing on identifying measurable objectives.

       Deb Parziale reported that the Learning College task force has reviewed all committees and they are in the process of talking to chairs of various groups

·         There was some discussion regarding the importance of an integrated calendar system for the college. Richard Grotegut will chair a committee to investigate software options and report back to the Council regarding a recommendation.

·         Dr. Treadway made the recommendation that, from the $100K seed money that is set aside for Task Force use, $5K be given to each task force now. Deanna explained that Joanne Schultz and John Li will arrange to have budget codes created for each task force and that the Co-chair(s) of each task force will be assigned as budget manager. All future requests for funds will come to the Council via task force co-chairs.


  1. By-laws Update


  1. Asset Management Presentation

·         Dr. Treadway provided a summary of the asset management strategy, including the following points:

       Asset management is defined as real estate assets that are financially managed to generate income

       Ohlone is state assisted, not state funded

       Ohlone needs to consider alternate funding sources for improvements to the campus and ongoing operating expenses.

       Ohlone also need to find dedicated funds to address the unsafe conditions that exist with our athletic fields. An athletic fields assessment report will be provided to the Board at a workshop on Wednesday, November 10 (5:30 – 6:30 p.m. in the Child Development Center).


·        Two resolutions are being brought to the next Board meeting, (immediately following the workshop on 11/10/04), including:

     Resolution No. 6/04-05 “To Declare Frontage Property As Surplus Property”

§         If approved, the frontage property would be leased (~25 acres with 66-year leases) for retail and housing. The income from these leases would be earmarked for operating expenses.

    Resolution No. 9/04-05 “To Declare Certain Upper Campus Property As Surplus Property”

§         If approved, these parcels would be sold for single family homes, generating $15-20 million), and the funds would be dedicated to building parking decks and for improvement of Ohlone’s athletic fields.

       If the first resolution is passed, Ohlone will “go out” for RFP’s (Requests for Proposals) to solicit concepts from developers. In order to solicit RFP’s, the property in question has to be declared surplus

       Dr. Treadway stressed that these resolutions are part of an integrated plan for the district.

       Ohlone will control the look and feel of any future architecture on the Mission Boulevard frontage property.


·         There was detailed discussion regarding possible scenarios, sourced to the Council from the Facilities Committee, for the future layout of the Fremont campus.

·         Some comments, considerations, and discussion points included:

        How to integrate and incorporate athletics into the life of the college

        College core concept

        Parking issues

        Important to develop single family housing in environmentally friendly ways

        Maintaining college identity

        Working with local chambers of commerce to stimulate economic opportunities

        High-end grocery store to serve as a magnet to stimulate area retail

        Initial outlay

        Seismic considerations

        Revenue flow

·         The Council concluded this topic with two recommendations to be presented to the Board of Trustees on Wednesday, November 10, as follows:

ü      The College Council moves to support selling the two parcels of land, in exchange for long-term College assets, in support of the Master Plan.
Moved/Evers, Seconded/Travenick, Passed unanimously.


ü      The College Council recommends declaring the four frontage parcels on Mission Boulevard as surplus property, with the understanding that there will be continued study upon receipt of proposals from developers.
Moved/Evers, Seconded/Johnson, Passed unanimously.



  1. Board Policy & Procedures Revisions

·         No time for further discussion. This item will be discussed at the next meeting.

  1. Process & Timeline re: Arming Security

·         No time for further discussion. This item will also be discussed at the next meeting.


  1. Communication from Audience

·         Time did not allow for comments from the audience

  1. Agenda for Next Meeting


·         Board Policy & Procedures Revisions

·         Process & Timeline regarding Arming Security

·         Meeting schedule for December and Spring semester

·         Email Dennis Keller with suggestions for additional agenda items

·         Next meeting Friday, November 19, 2004 (10:00 – 11:30 / Video Conference Room)

Adjournment: No formal adjournment. Meeting concluded at 11:56 a.m.