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Minutes of College Council

December 3, 2004 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Dennis Keller Doug Treadway

Kathleen Johnson Patrick Lane

Connie Teshara Richard Grotegut

Wayne Takakuwa Tom Holcomb

Bryan Roy (for Saad Siddiqui) Linda Evers

Alison Hill (for Debbie Tucker) Ban-Jin Tan

Susan Myers Elizabeth Silva


MEMBERS ABSENT: Staff rep needed (Keith Clark replacement)

Student rep needed (Emerald Templetan replacement)




  1. Approval of Minutes (November 19, 2004)

·         Elizabeth Silva requested clarification regarding the budget motion approved at the November 19th College Council meeting. It was Susan Myers’ recollection that requests over $10K would also be heard at the January 28 meeting.

·         There was discussion regarding the Learning College Task Force’s request for $15K for staff development, over and above any other requests.

·         Patrick Lane commented that there had been feedback from task force representatives that the $100K is not sufficient to fund all requests. There’s a fear that funds will not be available as other (later) ideas emerge.

·         Moved/Myers, Seconded/Silva, Passed to approve the November 19, 2004 College Council meeting minutes, with amended motion to include: “Task Force budget proposals will be accepted up to $10K between now and January 28. At the January 28 College Council meeting, proposals in excess of $10K will be accepted for review in consideration of any unspent funds.”

  1. Academic Standing

·         Wayne Takakuwa distributed information revising probationary statuses/academic standing. Document distributed is the latest draft reviewed by faculty senate and ASOC. This document is being distributed for informational purposes only. Does College Council need to approve? In terms of process, it was determined that at the next College Council meeting, members will come back with questions and recommendation to Treadway and Administration.


  1. Presentation of New Ohlone College Logo


·         Patrice Birkedahl presented the new Ohlone College logo, introducing a design more in line with our college identity. Patrice explained that, whereas a tag line is used for 3-5 years, the logo should be a longer term commitment, used to identify the college. Since Ohlone is named for Native Americans, the logo is reflective of that heritage. The new logo will be used on catalogs, schedules, stationery, t-shirts, etc.

·         Dr. Treadway recommends that an interpretative piece be included whenever possible, explaining the symbolism used in the logo.

·         This logo replaces the “green box” logo, though there will be a gradual transition to the new logo as old stationery supplies are used up.

·         There was a comment that the feathers in the new logo are not immediately recognizable, and Patrice commented that she will work with the designer on this point.


  1. College Council as a Task Force: Budget Responsibilities and Process

·         Joanne Schultz announced that the 2005/06 budget process begins after the governors’ preliminary budget statement is presented in January.

·         Dr. Treadway suggests that task forces endorse new initiatives, integrating the strategic plan with budget process.

·         Discussion followed regarding how College Council will function to replace the budgetary advisory committee. College Council will be more pro-active and participatory as ideas are formulating.

·         Dennis Keller mentioned that we’re really covering agenda items 4 & 5 together here. It was discussed and decided that the Council will remain together as single group for now, with regard to budget issues, so that everyone experiences the process.

·         Dr. Treadway suggested that a small sub-group meet with Deanna and Joanne for high level budget review (1day seminar/workshop) and bring report to the proposed January pre-flex day workshop.

·         Joanne Schultz distributed a budget planning calendar for review and edit by the Council. Joanne stated that there are deadlines that have to be met by Ed Code. Governor’s budget announcement will take place in mid-January, followed by the Chancellor’s office meeting, scheduled for January 28, 2005.

·         As College Council reviews the handout, Dennis Keller requested that Council members e-mail him with specific questions or suggestions. Business Services is not locked into the handout. Open to change.

  1. Task Force Budget Process


·         See item #4 for discussion.


  1. College Council Workshop

·         Dr. Treadway announced that a College Council workshop is proposed for January 13, since there are conflicts on Flex Day. A budget workshop will be held from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m., 1/13/05. Deanna Walston & Joanne Schultz to present.

·         College Council will be learning the process regarding its role as budget task force.

·         Dennis Keller mentioned that, as Council members rotate, it’s important to leave behind a clear process with regard to College Council’s role in the budget.

·         Regarding the $100K seed money for task forces, Dr. Treadway reminded the Council that this is a symbolic contribution to make a statement of support and “get the ball rolling”. Task forces will need to consider other funding mechanisms (soft money, PFE, Foundation, etc.) as they move forward. Also, Treadway mentioned that there is no urgency to spend the $100K, as unspent funds will roll over to the next fiscal year.

·         There was lengthy discussion regarding the $15K staff development request, resulting in two motions:


  1. EIR Report Recommendation

·         Dr. Treadway reported that, on 12/8/04, the Board will try to resolve the burrowing owl issue at the Newark campus site. Burrowing owls must be relocated before February, due to their breeding season. There will be a 6-9 month construction delay if the February date is missed. Several relocation options are being considered. Treadway is meeting with the Dept. of Fish & Game, and the Board might make a decision without a recommendation from Council, due to timing issues. Dept. of Fish & Game’s approval is mandatory.

·         Nothing definitive for Council to react to at today’s meeting.


  1. Report from China Trip Contingent

·         Jim Wright distributed a handout summarizing the Ohlone delegation’s trip to China. Reactions to Dr. Wright’s presentation, and comments from the delegation, included:


  1. Communications from Audience

·         Dr. Treadway announced that Administration is going to propose a new organizational structure, to be detailed at Fixed Flex. The reorganization proposal will come to College Council in January and then to the Board, with implementation planned for July 1, 2005.

·         Patrick Lane announced that the Child Development Center is scheduled to open 7/26/05.

  1. Agenda for Next Meeting


·         Task force membership / attendance

·         Email Dennis Keller with suggestions for additional agenda items

·         Next meeting Friday, January 14, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 / Video Conference Room)

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 11:55 a.m.