Ohlone College

Video Conference Room / Fremont Campus

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539




Minutes of College Council

January 28, 2005 Adopted as amended


MEMBERS PRESENT: Dennis Keller Doug Treadway

Kathleen Johnson Patrick Lane

Connie Teshara Richard Grotegut

Wayne Takakuwa Tom Holcomb

Elizabeth Silva Linda Evers

Ban-Jin Tan Susan Myers

Saad Siddiqui Debbie Tucker


MEMBERS ABSENT: Additional staff rep needed

Additional student rep needed





  1. Approval of Minutes (January 21, 2005)
    /Tucker; Seconded/Lane; Passed to approve the January 21, 2005 minutes.


  1. Task Force Budget Requests.

Task force budget requests included:

·       Community Service Task Force:

o       Latino Community Outreach Program

o       Community Service Task Force Grant Program

o       Smith Center's 10th Anniversary Gala (Doug will provide private sponsor)

·       Learning College Task Force

o       New Ways to Work and Staff Education

o       Faculty Development Plan

o       Staff Development (asking for any funds left over for all faculty & staff, for expansion of program)

·       International & Multi-Cultural Task Force

o       NAFSA attendance (immigration requirements organization)

o       Funding for International Website presence (recruitment tool)

o       Smith Center projects in conjunction with multi-cultural instructional programs


·       Environment & Facilities Task Force

o       Expand and Improve Ohlone Recycling Program

o       Emergency Preparedness Program (Treadway comment. Some of these requirements are state law. Should some of this funding come from different source? Deanna: looking into several aspects already (communication, resources, education). Extra funds will help, and we do have obligation.

·       Student Development Task Force

o       Enhancement of Graduation Ceremony (will fund separately)

o       Support New Assessment Tool (Matriculation) ($10K in the next 5 months and then pre-commit next $10K from next year's budget)

·       Comment: Jeff Villano to assist with technology piece

·       Digital Scanning Technology (Treadway indicates potential institutional/grant funding)

·       Keller: Notes for proposals will be summarized and brought back to CC

  1. Reorganization Input

·       Reorg proposal will go back to the Board of Trustees on February 9.

·       Lane comment: Concerns expressed from Classified Senate. Proposals will force change in constitution because it is currently based on three divisions (including Student Services).

·       Great deal of Board policy that deals with VP Student Services, will need revision.

·       Beyond that, most in favor. Nothing brought forward that would block, but certainly questions regarding implementation.

·       Evers: Few responses, generally favorable. Same question: how is this going to affect Classified workload and will there be a change in salary structure based on workload?

·       Myers: Faculty discussed reorg briefly; concerns expressed about load some administrators will bear. Increased pressures. People like the new structure. Perhaps remove "Learning College" box – confusing.

·       Keller: Implementation & reporting streams. What do we do for the next 3-6 months? Treadway: make that part effective February, if Board approves.

·       Title questions: Is it appropriate for a "dean" to be the head of the Newark Center. Question about Sharlene's load. Nursing/health & wellness split between locations.

·       Myers: Concern raised informally regarding previous model where one VP handled instruction and Student services and it did not work well. Tucker replied that, although this is not the ideal situation they would have preferred, they are comfortable that it will work.

·       Silva: LRC - supportive and understanding regarding Peck's retirement. Concern regarding implementation, protocol & reporting. Mikelyn a good fit, but comment that this is a big load increase for this dean. Hope that through a faculty lead or other arrangement, that some re-model is considered.

·       Holcomb question: Implementation February 10?

·       Treadway: For Student Services and Library [amended text] only (personnel are already in place), the rest would be July 1st (IS AVP, etc., have to be hired).

·       Myers: Reiterate that as Student Services person, very happy re: Martha & Ron. Student Services is the division most hit, and questions about details. Hard to fully support until some of the structure in place and defined.

·       Council statement: Very supportive of reorganization structure but some reservations regarding implementation.

·       Recommendation to support proposal (unanimous).


  1. Newark Center Site Package

·       Going to the Board 2/9/05. Toxifine soil being moved to "back 40", clearing and grading of site, lighting, drainage, etc. Goal to break ground in May

·       Will ask Board to release certain bond funds for summer projects, including:

o       Remove wooden stairs, new doors, ADA doors, handrails, ramps, weatherproofing/painting, mold, and leaks, to get approval for summer projects.

  1. 15-week Semester Study
  2. Academic calendar under purview of Faculty Senate

·       In cooperation with Faculty Senate CC to establish a working group dealing w/15-week semester (site visits, discussions, etc.), and bring input back to Faculty Senate so they can work with it at that point.

·       Barbara Tull very interested in this proposal.

·       Committee of 6-9 (Mike Bowman, two faculty senators, SEIU, CSEA, etc.) -- identify committee next meeting, make recommendation to Faculty Senate by April.

·       Goal: implement in '06-'07

·       Student services concerns: verifying enrollment, verified as full-time, etc.

·       Hope to find working models.

·       Newark Center - consensus building that Newark campus will have 15-week as primary term. College-wide consensus.


  1. Communication From Audience

·       Treadway: World Forum (Feb/April) thanked students for assisting with funding. Points out the Holocaust 60-year anniversary - Proposing 1 hour for institution to think about the important issues of the day. Institutional responsibility, social responsibility. Find a way for faculty & staff to not have conflicts during that hour. We need to come together to think about these things. Concerned that it's not in the current culture. Discuss at next meeting. Not just about FTES, what are our institutional structures and responsibilities?

·       Ban-Jin Tan question: When are we voting regarding arming sworn officers? February 25 vote.

·       Lane: Update re: by-laws. Moving forward. Robert's Rules based structure. Inviting participation.

·       Silva comment: Newark center dean position. Applauding decision, greater sensitivity and involvement of the Newark center.

·       Lane: Update re: Board policies / future agenda items (affirmative action, injury policies)


  1. Future Meetings


·         February 11 (10:00 a.m.– 11:30 / Video Conference Room)

o       Task Force Budget decisions

o       Future task force budget process

o       Semester schedule of agenda topics

o       Spring enrollment update (Travenick)

o       World Forum (Treadway)

o       Establish 15-week semester “working group”


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at noon