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Minutes of College Council

February 11, 2005 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Dennis Keller Doug Treadway

Kathleen Johnson Patrick Lane

Connie Teshara Richard Grotegut

Wayne Takakuwa Tom Holcomb

Elizabeth Silva Linda Evers

Ban-Jin Tan Susan Myers

Corinna Laiwalla (for Saad Siddiqui) Ron Travenick (for Debbie Tucker)


MEMBERS ABSENT: Additional staff and student rep needed



  1. Approval of Minutes (January 28, 2005)

·       Elizabeth Silva requested clarification of language regarding implementation of Reorganization. That is, did Dr. Treadway mean specifically that only Student Services reorg changes would take place upon Board Approval (2/10), or were there other areas that would also take effect prior to July 1. D. Treadway replied that “Student Services and Library” changes would take effect 2/10/05 and indicated that the minutes should be amended to reflect this distinction.

/Takakuwa; Seconded/Grotegut; Passed to approve the amended January 28, 2005 College Council minutes.

  1. Spring Enrollment Update

·       Travenick discussed concerns about enrollment targets for the year. Spring, just edged up (1%) over last year, but not enough to make up for previous low summer and fall.

·       Travenick then reviewed enrollment factors and strategies, including:

o        Systemic effect in downturn in CS (Computer Studies)

o        Working to improve offerings, colleagues around the state anticipating downturns.

o        Strategy to have a big summer, but everyone competing for the same students.

·       Discussion followed, including:

o        Cheryl Lambert commented regarding website stats: 15 week February start pages are in the top 30 pages viewed

o        15/12/9 week courses. Census on Monday (2/14).

o        Discussion then included agenda item #6 / Establishing a 15-week semester "working group". 15-week proposal is not the only new module we can explore.

o        Ideas should be sent to Student Development Task Force.

o        Corinna: Winter session? Mission is the only local school that has winter session. (4 week inter-session).


  1. Task Force Budget Allocations

·       Holcomb comment: It seems we have enough money to do everything requested. We should be setting a precedent for future requests. Most requests seem to be a one-time request, while others are ongoing, far-reaching

·       Treadway comment: Ongoing obligations would reduce the amount available next year because some funds would be pre-committed (Hobson’s, assessment tool, etc.). More than one year commitment. Those task forces need to know they have pre-spent. Not sure that's how we're gong to do this long term. $100,000 made available this year, but there may not be ongoing "seed money". Task forces may not be budget managers long term, and expenses may become institutionalized.

·       Maybe some one-time money needs to be provided regularly.

·       Silva: Sees this initial process as piloting opportunity, with seed money to innovate and spur creativity.

·       Council to determine if $100K a one-time or 2-3 year program.

·       There will be a College Council annual planning retreat to discuss strategic objectives.

·       Task forces eventually morph into institute, department, district-wide (community can join, college can join), other streams of funding (eventually self supporting).


Task Force Budget Allocations Summary (next page)


  1. Semester Schedule of Agenda Topics for College Council

·       Academic Probation Policy (Wayne) / March

·       Council by-laws / March

·       Arming officers: February 25

·       Summer meeting schedule / March

·       March 11 - only one meeting (spring break)

·       Preliminary budget assumptions & revised calendar / February 25

·       Board policies Chapters 1-3 were distributed before winter break. Revisions received, move to second reading by Council Feb 25 or March 11. Will be provided via web, with text alterations visible. Suggestions Dr. Treadway did not agree with will be included at end, with rationale

·       First cut of budget and assumptions / March (two hour meeting 10-noon, instead of two meetings)

  1. World Forum

·       Treadway encouraging people to download and post flyer. Treadway will close offices and services, classes will meet at instructors’ discretion. Task Force discussion regarding "college hour" in the future – 2/3 times per semester to pre-plan for classes not to be held. Voluntary this semester.

·       April 6th is next World Forum (China topic) taking place during unity week and co-sponsored by ASOC.

  1. Communication from Audience

·       Holcomb question: Did Board pass reorg? Treadway: Yes, and also declaration of surplus property and master site plan.

·       Takakuwa: Requesting that task force meeting announcements include agenda items.

·       Silva: commends Ron Travenick and Sharlene Limon re: 15 week classes at UOP and NMHS. Real effort put forth by many people including Liz Crisp, various deans, and bookstore staff to make the first week as comfortable as possible for faculty & students.


  1. Future Meetings

·         February 25 (10:00 a.m.– 11:30 / Room 4202)

·         March 11 (10:00 – noon / Video Conference Room)


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.





Task Force Budget Allocations Summary


Staff Representative to workshop in Seattle $ 1,500

International Student Recruitment using “Hobsons” $ 4,000

Multi-Cultural concert programming & master classes $ 4,500


Learning College

Faculty Development $ 5,000

Staff Development $ 5,000


Student Development

Graduation Upgrade (Doug to find funds / $1K) N/A

Digital Scanning (Title III or other source / $20K) N/A

New Assessment Tool $10,000

(2-year commitment)



Recycling Program (with potential revenue) $10,000

Emergency Preparedness (Will be otherwise funded $10K) N/A


Community Service

Latino Outreach $ 5,000

Task Force (mini-grants) $ 2,500

SmithCenter Gala (Doug to find sponsor / $5K) N/A


Total Funds Approved by College Council $47,500


Seed Money Summary:


$ 100,000 Originally budgeted seed money

- 25,000 Start-up funding provided to each task force (at $5000/ea.)

- 47,500 Approved task force funding requests (detail above)

- 12,500 Additional seed money funding approved for Staff Development


$ 15,000 Releasing this remaining balance to the Ohlone “rainy day reserve”


·       Moved/Grotegut; Seconded/Lane; Passed to approve the Task Force budget requests as detailed above.

·       Future task force budget process will be discussed at retreat.