Ohlone College

Video Conference Room / Fremont Campus

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539




Minutes of College Council

March 11, 2005 ADOPTED



Kathleen Johnson Dennis Driver (for Patrick Lane)

Patrick arr. @ 10:15

Connie Teshara Richard Grotegut

Wayne Takakuwa Tom Holcomb

Dennis Keller Debbie Tucker

Susan Myers Barbara Tull (for Elizabeth Silva)

Saad Siddiqui


MEMBERS ABSENT: Elizabeth Silva, Ban-Jin Tan, Doug Treadway, Patrick Lane, Linda Evers

Additional staff and student rep needed



  1. Approval of Minutes (February 25, 2005)

       Motion: Moved/Tucker; Second/Takakuwa - Passed to approve the February 25, 2005 College Council minutes. No amendment necessary.


  1. Student Services/Fremont Campus Update

       Project Timeline distributed to council. Currently on phase II of the project. Anticipated opening date of May 31, 2008. Still working on design and once agreed will bring back to college council. Construction to start October 6, 2005. Deanna has spoken with our Facility Committee thus providing the opportunity to get campus input before everyone leaves for the summer. Dates for phase III/IV we hope to move up. Mini workshops will be scheduled and announced once confirmed. Tom Holcomb asked has the final decision been made as to which areas are going into the new building - entire 1st floor of building one will occupy this building.


       Main Street - tie into student services building. This will compliment our existing facilities. Bus stop - connect to the building. Make this user friendly.


       Tom asked if building 6 would be connected to student services building. There is a dollar factor involved - maybe a pathway. In speaking with our architect - couple of million dollars to build a bridge. - still in discussion


       Dennis Keller advised the council that the Board agreed to sell surplus campus land.


       Simon Barros advised council with regard to summer projects installation of 32 cameras on campus. Painting of the Fremont campus to give it a facelift. He will be working to identify leaks to our buildings; 122 doors to be replaced. Redwood stairs - replace with concrete stairs and disabled ramps. Handrails - will be replaced as well. ADA doors - 15 doors - easier access. Dennis Driver asked if the purchase for the electric doors had already been determined and/or sent out for bid. A couple of doors were not included, e-mail Simon Barros for doors to be included. Simon Barros to provide a current list of doors needed.


       Dennis Keller asked that once drawings are complete to please disseminate amongst faculty/staff.



3. Newark Center Project Scope

       Board workshop regarding Newark planned for 3/30/05. Deanna is hoping that we can get the Board to approve working drawings for the Newark Center then we will submit the plans to the state architect. Can take up to six months for approval. Once approved, out to bid.


       Alternates Summary Newark Center Master Plan handed out we will be making recommendations to the Board - brainstorming with architects - form will be revised for recommendation. A discussion with regard to electric wheelchairs developed - asking for more receptacles - access will be available.


       OCNC Proposed Budget Adjustments distributed. Building ready to go fall 2007 - realistically might push us into fall 08 - delays.


       Groundbreaking ceremony planned for May 05, 2005 - award bid May 11, 2005. All council is welcome to come to board workshop March 30, 2005.


4. College Council By-laws


       Thank you for Patrick, Susan, and Kathleen for putting this together. Council please read this and e-mail Patrick and Susan with changes. When we meet next time we will have a pretty good idea of what is wanted and get official feedback. Dennis Keller will bring back a draft with suggestions - an addendum. Plan is to incorporate into one document.


       Faculty Representative Council By-laws - Susan Myers.


5. Academic Probation


       Wayne Takakuwa distributed Ohlone College Administrative Regulations Regarding Academic Standing (draft) this was once Board Policy and then changed to Administrative Regulations on 2/24/05. This draft has been presented/approved by the Faculty Senate and ASOC. Dr. Treadway also made revisions.



6. Multi-cultural/International Ed Student Policy



       Alison Hill distributed Board Policy on the International Student Admissions and Fees policy. This policy has remained unchanged since the beginning of time. The Multi-cultural/International Task force along with Faculty Senate has been working together to bring this document up to immigration requirements.


       Wayne Takakuwa made the following suggestion - Change A/B to Read 5. and 6. with corrections to A as follows:


5. The International Student Program plans to increase the number of international students and to actively recruit and encourage representation from a variety of countries.


7. 15-week Semester Update


       Saad Siddiqui is asked for student representation at the next meeting scheduled for March 18, 2005. Dennis Keller has been distributing material to all involved.


8. Summer Meeting Schedule


June 10, 2005 (10:00 11:30 a.m./Video Conference Room

July 8, 2005 (10:00 11:30 a.m./Video Conference Room

August 12, 2005 ((possible retreat day, or regular meeting)


Future Meetings

         April 8 (10:00 11:30 a.m. / Video Conference Room)

         April 22 (10:00-11:30 a.m./Video Conference Room)


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.