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Minutes of College Council

April 8, 2005 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: ElizabethSilva Doug Treadway

Kathleen Johnson Connie Teshara

Richard Grotegut Nancy Pauliukonis (for Susan Myers)

Wayne Takakuwa Tom Holcomb

Dennis Keller Debbie Tucker

Ban-Jin Tan Saad Siddiqui

Zane Gray (new Council member/SEIU)



Additional staff and student rep needed



  1. Approval of Minutes (3/11/05)

·       Motion: Moved/Tucker; Second/Siddiqui – Passed (with two abstentions) to approve the March 11, 2005 College Council minutes.

  1. Board Policy / Chapters 1 – 3 (second reading)


·       Silva questioned if Dr. Treadway agrees with recommended changes the way they are stated. Treadway: yes.

·       Keller comments: Some of the wording awkward, for example:

o        Mission statement needs to be reviewed

o        Community colleges are open to all from all who can benefit (Ed Code, Accreditation requirement says we should state “who will benefit”…)

o        2345 (1) references “5 minute limitation” for speakers. Keller recommends clarification to "for each speaker".

o        2101: The candidates pay the first $200 of their election expenses (suggested rewording)

·       Vision statement should be reflected in the Board policy.

·       Silva question: What are the parameters when it states “Regularly reviewed and revised as needed". Treadway: verbatim statement of the accreditation standard. We need to set program review cycle, mission, etc. Review every 6 years, with a mid-cycle review.

·       Motion: Moved/Teshara; Second/Tucker – Passed (with three abstentions) to approve recommendation: to adopt board policy changes, as amended.


  1. Board Regulation regarding International Student Admissions

·       Brief discussion of Board regulation limiting international enrollment to 2%.

·       Treadway suggesting that regulation be amended to conform to immigration practice. Revised document provided for review.

·       Motion: Moved/Johnson; Second/TesharaPassed (with one abstention) to approve revised regulation regarding International Student Admissions.


  1. College Council Membership for ’05-’06 and Election of New Co-Chair

·       Some Council members’ terms are running out at the end of this year.

·       Council by-laws indicated that the new co-chair should be elected by the body of the sitting membership.

·       Details:

o        Council co-chair needs to have served at least 1 year.

o        We could elect co-chair from existing body.

o        E-mail Dennis Keller if your term is up and also let Dennis know if you’re interested in continuing to serve.

o        Leadership will appoint new members. Leaving it to Council to determine when new co-chair elected.

·       Identify new co-chair before summer.


  1. Compressed Calendar Update

·       Changed from 15-week focus to consider other variations to our current (Fremont) schedule.

·       20 other districts in the state of California are on a “non-traditional” calendar. Almost all have moved to a 16 week calendar (not 15). Considerations include: reporting cycles to STRS, re-programming computer programs, financial aid awards, etc. Wayne Takakuwa working on a site visit to Evergreen, West Valley, Mission.

·       Keller does not expect compressed calendar change to be in place for '06-'07. This type of change touches almost every portion of the college. Models are available for us to learn from.

·       Committee meets on Fridays @ 1;00 p.m. and all are welcome to meetings. Following this information gathering, committee will present to Faculty Senate. Siddiqui still looking for a student representative to serve on committee.

·       All ideas will be presented to Faculty Senate and they will decide.

·       Treadway comment: The only constraints we face at the state level is that Ohlone can’t exceed 25% of our schedule out of the approved format. We're nowhere near that, at this point.

·       Silva question: Was the idea that the Newark classes would be our pilot? Keller: using NWK as the “canary in the mine”. No official institutional decision at this point.


  1. AlliantInternationalUniversity Report

·       Preliminary discussion regarding 4-year programs on our campus in a cooperative fashion with Alliant.

·       Professional practice/multi-cultural emphasis

·       Preliminary conversations, looking forward to the time we open Newark

·       Potentially, Alliant would lease facilities from us, with a “blended model” proposed. Benefits to proposed relationship include:

o        Great service to students

o        Alliant would offer no Fresh/Sophomore classes

o        Would increase our enrollment (800 – 1,000 students, potentially)

o        Alliant can discount tuition and offer major scholarship program

·       Treadway working with Alliant administration and Congressman Stark re: earmark federal funding ($1M) for curriculum development/staff development

·       Wright comment: Alliant/Ohlone arrangement will depend on how our relationship with them evolves. If just “landlord-tenant”, that is one matter. If it becomes a blended program that we articulate internally, it would be a subject for shared governance.

·       Treadway comment: There would be no actual or implied subsidy of state funds. Shared library costs, staffing, grants, that would be the model. A business partnership model. No gift of public funds.

·       Takakuwa comment: Try to have an idea when this might be implemented and consider implications (student services, counseling, financial aid) to discuss overlap.

·       Next steps:

o        Barbara Tull and others from Faculty Senate plan to visit San Diego to see set-up and disciplines that might be well suited to blended model.

o        Alliant proposing trial courses (as renter) to gauge level of interest.

o        Incremental steps culminating mid to late Fall in a formal proposal to the Board proposing formal partnerships.

o        The current Alliant cohort is working on a class project focusing on how to structure this proposed blended program. Cohort review of curriculum, personnel, and services. Cohort will report to groups (CC/Fac Senate, etc.)


  1. Communications from Audience

·       Evers/Gray discussed Council Membership as it relates to Classified Staff:

o        Reminder about announcement re: Classified Senate. No desire to be exclusionary or to interrupt shared governance. Not against having a Classified Senate. Zane Gray will now represent SEIU on College Council and attend Board meetings. Linda Evers will represent CSEA at Board meetings.

o        CSEA/SEIU have same number of seats/appointments on task forces and committees. Per Dr. Treadway, Classified Confidential is not represented by CSEA/SEIU. If interested in serving, Classified Confidential would be an Administrative appointment.

·       Wright update regarding OCR review (access review for students and employees with regard to facilities, programs and services).

·       Five faculty members have been selected to visit sister college in Taizhou in June. Curriculum goals: English, accounting & economics.

·       Federal Grants update (Title III/ Trio (Student Services support) / NSF)
$750K/year over a 5-year period. Goals of these grants were developed as part of strategic plan that was developed by College Council.

·       Earth day project reminder: Follow link on Instruction website regarding zones & leaders.

·       Treadway: Recent experience with evening campus / improved stairwell Building 1 as prototype. Walston replied that we have to complete Fremont campus master plan, and want to identify stairwells as part of bond projects.

·       Silva announcement: Poetry open reading library 4/21

·       Silva commendation of Gil Joseph and library staff regarding increased restroom visibility project completed over spring break (moving shelving, etc.) in the Library, in response to recent assault in restroom area.

·       Tucker: Unity week thank for everyone who participated.

·       Patrice: College relations has moved to the library.

·       Keller: Task forces/ committee reappointments coming up.


8. Summer Meeting Schedule


June 10, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m./Video Conference Room

July 8, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m./Video Conference Room

August 12, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m./Video Conference Room


Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.