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Video Conference Room / Fremont Campus

43600 Mission Boulevard, Fremont, CA 94539




Minutes of College Council

April 22, 2005                                                                                                                             ADOPTED



MEMBERS PRESENT:                                                                     

   Elizabeth Silva                                       Doug Treadway

   Kathleen Johnson                                  Saad Siddiqui

   Connie Teshara                                     Richard Grotegut

   Wayne Takakuwa                                  Tom Holcomb

   Dennis Keller                                         Debbie Tucker

   Ban-Jin Tan                                            Susan Myers

   Zane Gray


MEMBERS ABSENT:          Linda Evers

                                             Additional staff and student rep needed




  1. Student Services/Fremont Campus Update

Revised Campus Land Use Planning Concepts distributed and discussed. 

FCP Bond Allocation Analysis distributed and discussed.   Remaining Bond Funds for the Fremont campus $46,317,577.  Dennis Keller referred to Activity no. 6 – building 2 is not included.  Activity no. 6 should include building 2.  Activity no. 8 – there is no funding source mentioned.  Dr. Treadway also expressed there should also be an item here for further expansion of porches.   Activity 8 and porches should be indicated under Other Funding Source.


May 5, 2005 Campus/Environmental Task Force meeting scheduled at 3:00 p.m. in rm. 1307.  This meeting is an open forum for all those who would like to attend.


Deanna would like to bring back to the council a Review of the Preliminary Design Concepts

at the May 13 meeting.   Dr. Treadway suggested doing away with the College Council meeting of May 27.



2.  Budget

2005-06 Preliminary Budget distributed and discussed.  Third Quarter projection was used as a starting point.   Joanne believes the Governor is not going to pass the 2% STRS increase.  The Governor also vetoed $34 in Partnership for Excellence funding.  The expectation is that it will take a long time for the legislation to adopt the budget and we have been warned that it may not be passed until summer.  Dr. Treadway referenced the Projected Balance or Short Fall. 


3.  College Council By-laws


Postponed until the May 6, 2005 meeting.  Susan Myers suggested that each paragraph should have it own distinct label, i.e., Article I, Article II.  Want to incorporate - what sort of items come to the Council and what items come to the Senate.  Good idea to present this draft to the Senate before the end of the year.


4.  Council Membership


      Dr. Treadway distributed a position paper to be discussed at our next meeting.   He has received memos on this issue and is looking at the actual structure/by laws - the need to restructure next year.  We will first discuss structure and then discuss bylaws.  Dennis Keller suggested that the co-chair position for the Council be in place prior to the last meeting of the year.


Structure – Dr. Treadway mentioned that he looked at the concept of taking the last two years and see it settle into something workable.   He has made bullet points of the concept - (8) points.   This shows contrast between governance and administration.  He is really interested in keeping the momentum going, keeping the task forces going, and keeping them structured within the organization.   These will now be standing committees of the district.  Each of the task forces has a concept.   He is suggesting how to institutionalize all of these.   Put them in the accountability of shared governance.   The chart on the second page reflects where we have come and where we will go in the future.  This is meant to give us a starting place.  We can move these around in various ways.  Do believe we are on the right track.    Offering this to see if this helps.  Have each group look at and give feedback.  Make this a substantial part of our next meeting.   Dennis Keller - this makes clear the role of the Faculty Senate.   This will be made available on the web.   Draft- exploratory).


5.  Compressed Calendar Update


      Meeting scheduled today at 1:00 p.m.   Jim Black from San Jose City College will join us in a discussion regarding tri-semesters.   Buildings & Grounds and IT will join us next week.   All are welcome to join us for today’s attendance.


6.  Future World Forum Format


            Carried over to the Meeting of May 13, 2005.


7.  Meeting time/day for next year


            Carried over to the Meeting of May 13, 2005.



8.  Future Meeting Schedule


            May 6, 2005     10:00 a.m.    

            May 13, 2005   10:00 a.m.     

            May 27, 2005                           College Council meeting canceled

June 10, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m./Video Conference Room

July 8, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m./Video Conference Room

August 12, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m./Video Conference Room


Adjournment:                 Meeting adjourned at 11:30 a.m.


Future Agenda items:

          May 6    approval of revised Fremont Campus land use Plan

                        Further discussion by-laws

                        Further input/discussion on restructuring

                        new meeting time and date

                        World Forum update

                        Compressed calendar update


         May 13   review prelim Design Concept- Student Services Building

                        elect co-chair for ‘05/’06 year