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Minutes of College Council

May 6, 2005 ADOPTED (as amended in italics)


MEMBERS PRESENT: Elizabeth Silva Doug Treadway Linda Evers

Kathleen Johnson Connie Teshara

Richard Grotegut Susan Myers

Wayne Takakuwa Tom Holcomb

Dennis Keller Ban-Jin Tan
Saad Siddiqui Zane Gray



Additional staff and student rep needed



  1. Approval of Minutes (4/8/05 and 4/22/05)

·       Motion: Moved/Teshara; Second/Grotegut – Passed (with one abstention) to approve the April 8, 2005 College Council minutes.

·       Motion: Moved/Silva; Second/Takakuwa – Passed (with note to correct spelling of Susan Myers’ last name) to approve the April 22, 2005 College Council minutes.


  1. Compressed Calendar Report

·       Dennis Keller reported that May 6 is the final meeting of the “compressed calendar committee”. Following this collection of input and data, the committee will present report to Faculty Senate, including some of the following points / options:

o        Options include (2) 15 week sessions / (2) 16 week sessions / or trimester (report will include pros/cons and anecdotes)

o        Growing trend to shorter terms (20 districts operating on a schedule other than 18 week semesters, state-wide)

o        Of 20 colleges who have changed from 18 week semesters, none have transitioned to 15 weeks. All transitioned to 16 weeks.

·       Committee believes it will take 18 months to implement alternate schedule, once decision is made.

·       Although entire college would be impacted, most significant challenges are predicted to occur in IS, Admissions & Records, and H/R.

·       Adoption of any modified schedule will have to be negotiated with UFO. Per Barbara Tull, Faculty Senate has purview of academic calendar. The plan is to discuss at Fixed Flex and vote. If faculty votes it down, the discussion is over. If a change is approved, how it is implemented would be up to UFO, CSEA, and SEIU negotiations.

·       Keller: Need to remain aware of competition and student preference.

  1. Meeting Time/Day for Council Meetings Next Year

·       After discussion of various options and conflicts, the majority of the Council are receptive to retaining the current meeting time next year (10:00 – 11:30 on second and fourth Fridays of the month)


  1. Task Force/Council Restructuring

·       Treadway meeting today with leaders who appoint members to committees to discuss. People “like the general restructuring approach presented last week, but certain areas would like to reorganize”. General input is to continue momentum, but think through how groups are coordinated.


  1. Revised FremontCampusLand Use Plan

·       Board Workshop on Wednesday, 5/11 (5-7 p.m.). Will be taking topic back for final Board approval on May 25. Seeking Council support to present at this week’s workshop.

·       Review of plan:

o        Concept of athletic field green "buffer zone", including location of baseball field away from center of campus.

o        Location or relocation of maintenance building. Recommending removing from Board discussion, since it will only come into play if developer provides funds to move facility.

o        Removing building 7 and relocating site of Student Services building to that location.

o        Removing from discussion the idea of perimeter road.

·       Treadway comments:

o        1 - Configuration of athletic fields / proposal to eliminate XI (track w/soccer field); IX would stay where it is depicted on 1991 plan; VIII do not move; X and XII would relocate to north portion of campus.

o        2 - Parking lots. XI field would become parking lot, not athletic fields on south boundary and still tear down temporary buildings by Hyman Hall. Take away parking on frontage (already approved by board to make surplus).

o        3 - Student Services Building location not XIII, as shown in the middle of campus by Palm Bosque, but in SE portion by Buildings 6 and 7. Amend plan to show revised location.

o        Latest idea of removing building 7 – some board members are reluctant to release existing assets (maybe state "in vicinity" so that the RFP process can move forward).

o        4 - No need to show maintenance building relocation at this time.

o        5 - No need to specify number of field houses.

o        6 - No need to mention structured parking at this time. New surface parking will be more than adequate for next 5-10 years.

·       Keller: Reminder that original goal was to get 50% of parking “up the hill” so that Main Street activated and central. Current proposal does not address that. Some of lower parking proposed is not viable. Will Board be thinking that we have earmarked a location for B&G facility? Barros: Tentative site considered.


Motion #1:

College Council recommends the following three amendments to the 1991 – 2007 Fremont Campus Facilities Master Plan:

1)      Athletic Fields
Reconfiguration of athletic fields, such that the softball field remains in the current location, the soccer field and practice field are relocated, and the “track and field” area (XI) is eliminated.

2)      Parking
Creation of new surface parking lot under the power lines

3)      Location of Student Services Building
Relocate the new Student Services Building to the general area of Buildings 6 and 7.


Moved/Takakuwa; Second/Evers; Passed unanimously to recommend three amendments to 1991 – 2007 Fremont Campus Master Plan


Motion #2:

College Council would like to express their continued support of the Main Street concept and encourage planning for additional parking to be built “up the hill”, level with Main Street.
Moved/Takakuwa; Second/Silva; Passed unanimously.


  1. World Forum Update

·       A lot of student support for past and future World Forums.

·       Instructors are requesting more advanced notice for planning; keep to noon hour even if there are one or two presenters with second hour interactive Q&A for those who can remain. Otherwise, noon, twice a semester on one MWF and one T/Th

·       Update from Faculty Senate (Myers & Tull):
At least 50% opposed to suspending class for Forums. Some classes meet 5 days/week and, in those cases, they are impacted twice. Some hardships expressed. Suggestion made that class closing optional. Important that students are not penalized for attending. Ongoing discussion.

·       Treadway comments:
Ideally you would have no class conflicts for a “college hour”. However, for a new culture to emerge, these opportunities need to be equal, irrespective of discipline. College wide event. Proposal is to have one or two hours each semester. If we can't get a consensus, at least we'll have part of the campus participating. Acknowledges that he has bias towards the importance of these events.

·       Myers: Faculty Senate did see the value of Forums, but still concerned about impact on classes.

·       Treadway reminds everyone that he has tried to minimize impact.

·       Saad/student suggestion: Limit Forums to one speaker and have only one hour - most students need to leave after first hour. Suggesting 45 minute presentation w/15 minute Q&A period.

·       Holcomb: Especially when considering compressed schedule, may be more pushback from faculty regarding future Forums. Forums are a new part of campus culture and we need to “just do it” and people will adapt.


  1. Communications from Council or Audience

·       Saad: Suggestion that the Council assign another title to co-chairs to include “student advisors” as part of co-chairs’ responsibility. Purpose would be to guide new student Council members. Saad also proposed a 1:1 meeting (co-chair and student) once per month. Holcomb expanded on that idea, suggesting that every new Council member should be assigned a mentor.

·       Evers: Classified School Employees Appreciation week (CA) coming up; suggesting that we set aside opportunity for recognition in future (via board resolution).

·       Silva: Invitation to Carmen Madden/open reading of students’ creative writing: May 10 6-8 p.m. prose reading by students; refreshments. Thanks to ASOC for their support of this event by providing refreshements.

·       Saad: Announcement of student elections results. (ASOC President: Raz Mohammed and Vice President: Wendy Lao).

·       Saad: ASOC will be contributing funds for umbrellas and new benches for “Main Street”. Also will assist in upgrade of “Ohlone Pony” to be used as on-campus shuttle.


8. Summer Meeting Schedule

June 10, 2005 **Note: Due to 4/10’s schedule, this date will be changed**

July 8, 2005 (10:00 – 11:30 a.m./Video Conference Room) **Note: date to be changed**

August 11, 2005 (Thursday / all-day Council Retreat. Details TBA)



Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.