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Minutes of College Council

May 13, 2005 ADOPTED


MEMBERS PRESENT: Dennis Keller Doug Treadway

Connie Teshara Elizabeth Silva

Richard Grotegut Susan Myers

Wayne Takakuwa Tom Holcomb

Ban-Jin Tan Saad Siddiqui

Zane Gray Kathleen Johnson



Linda Evers

Additional staff and student rep needed



  1. Approval of Minutes (05/06/05)

·       Motion: Moved/Silva; Second/Johnson – Passed to approve the May 6, 2005 College Council minutes, with two minor amendments noted in italics.

·       Motion: Moved/Silva; Second/Takakuwa – Passed (with note to correct spelling of Susan Myers’ last name) to approve the April 22, 2005 College Council minutes.


  1. Preliminary Design Concept: StudentServicesBuilding

·       Simon Barros presented a review of various scenarios and key considerations regarding the placement of the proposed Student Services building. Discussion included:

o        Review of schemes

o        Review of process (Forum presentation, Board of Trustees review in February)

o        Presentation of specific floorplans proposed for new building

o        Discussion of relationships to Main Street and Buildings 6 and 8

o        Discussion of acoustical considerations, natural daylight, open offices

o        Discussion of benefits to newly proposed location (replacing Building 7), including activating Main Street, taking advantage of slope and accessibility to each level of building, etc.

o        Minimum loss of upper parking

·       Questions / comments included:

o        Could entryway be problematic if everyone has to pass through the new building to get to Main Street?

o        Is the anticipated traffic flow through the building desirable or potentially distracting?

o        Consider wear and tear on building, over time

o        Seating? Will there be kiosks, waiting areas, computer stations? Is this more of a lobby area or a walkthrough?

o        Will the “catwalk” be preserved coming from Building 8?

o        How wide is the walkway/corridor in the new building? (30-40-50 feet estimated). Intent is to make it spacious. A two-story space.

o        Fire considerations regarding distances between buildings? Architects have reviewed spacing with fire officials.

o        Disabled access? The new "L" shape will allow for ramping system to connect to Health Services and building and then access building through elevators.

o        President relocating to new building? No. The Board Room will be located in new building, however.

o        When construction is underway, there will be disruption to surrounding buildings. Noise issues are part of what we have to go through to move forward.

o        Possible push-back from community and possibly Board re: taking out Building 7. Specifically, voters were told there was a "crisis of space" for classrooms. Local business people may see removal of classrooms as a decline, shipping classes to Newark. Political pressures. Need to understand that there is politics involved in construction. Wait for Board approval before spending more time on plans.

o        Will new building (or some other building) be named after Blomerley? Current Building 7 is named in his honor.


  1. Compressed Calendar Report

·       Dennis Keller distributed the first two pages of the complete compressed calendar report for Council review. Dennis requests that Council members e-mail him with questions, concerns, or suggestions. This topic is on next week’s Faculty Senate agenda.

  1. College Council Organization & Election of Co-chair

·       Meeting with leaders of shared governance groups, separate from College Council, to meet monthly and review Board & Council agenda to make sure groups are fulfilling their roles. Whether that group (Executive Committee?)\ is connected with Council is open for discussion. Organizational question / by-laws issue.

·       If endorsed, two VPs would serve as ex-officio members of College Council. Task forces will continue, but fine tune over summer, codify how task forces will continue to function. No movement towards major reorganization.

·       Does Council want to elect current member to carry over as co-chair? Beneficial for new chair to have time to prepare to take over. Recommend that the person who will serve as co-chair be a person we elect now.

·       It was agreed that the co-chair would be elected at the end of one Council cycle, not at the beginning of a new one. Co-chair comes from within membership of Council (current charter). Important to have a variety of leadership styles and perspectives.

·       Motion: Moved/Holcomb; Second/Johnson – Passed unanimously to re-elect Dennis Keller as College Council co-chair.

·       Regarding Council re-org proposal (executive committee, etc.), Treadway suggests that the Council review topic one more time before making a decision.


  1. Summer Dates for Council Meetings

·       June 10 meeting moved to Wednesday, June 8 (3:30 – 4:30 p.m.)

·       July 8 meeting moved to Wednesday, July 13 (3:30 – 4:30)

  1. College Council By-Laws

·       Susan Myers suggests Council members send any feedback to her now, and that the Council vote on June 8. Requesting 30 minutes at the June 8 meeting for this topic.



  1. Communications from Council or Audience

·       Saad Siddiqui introduced the new ASOC President, Raz Mohammed. Saad will continue Council participation through the July meeting.

·       Cheryl: Don't see a lot of classified staff on Council. Can there be two CSEA/SEIU representatives? Cheryl expressing interest in becoming a member.

·       Tull: Thanked Dennis Keller for compressed calendar packet.

·       Holcomb: We do have some people who are leaving council. Suggesting that the President write letter expressing appreciation of service.

·       Confirming those Council members whose terms are ending:
- Kathleen Johnson
- Connie Teshara
- Student representative

·       Wright: Announcement regarding tenure ceremony (16) 5/25 @ 3 p.m. Building 1 lobby

·       Silva: Groundbreaking – free event @ Newark on 5/24 at 4 p.m. Everyone invited.

·       June 8 next meeting



8. Summer Meeting Schedule

June 8, 2005: 3:30 – 4:30 / Room 8112

July 13, 2005: 3:30 – 4:30 / Video Conference Room

August 11, 2005 (Thursday / 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. / Council Retreat at Palmdale Estates)



Adjournment: Meeting adjourned at 11:35 a.m.